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Research Projects Approved by MOHERI

MOHERI has approved blocking funding for 2021-22 to NU with a total of research projects worth OMR 125200, which is the biggest achievement compared to previous years. NU take this opportunity to thank the faculty and researchers of NU for their efforts and commitment in submitting the proposals to MOHERI and special congratulation to all who have succeeded in getting the projects .

Block Funding Program 2021 – Projects approved

No. Project Title College
 RG Projects
1. Evaluation of antibiotics residues in available milk and egg in the Omani market
Dr. Sumaiya Al Kindi
2. Wadi Dayqah Dam as a Mega Battery and Renewable Energy Resource for Oman
Dr. Akbar  Karimi
3. In-silico Pharmacophore Modeling and Evaluation of Potential Cytotoxicity, Anti-Cancer and Anti-Microbial Activity of Caralluma arabica – an Omani Traditional Medicine.
Dr Nazmi Abdual Salam
4. An Investigation on Eco-Friendly Self-Compacting Concrete Using Locally Available Spent Catalyst and Development of Structural Elements.
Dr Bala Muralikrishnan
5. Development of fishermen boat with artificial intelligence for sustainable fishing experience ensuring safety, security, navigation, and sharing information for Omani fishermen
Dr Amuthakaannan
6. Artificial Intelligence-driven Gen- Alpha education guidance indicator to craft quality citizens in the Sultanate of Oman
Dr Ali Bimani
 GRG Projects
1. Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Activities of Omani Pomegranate Peel Extract Using LPS-Stimulated Human Macrophages
Dr Souad Al Okla (Supervisor)
2. Probabilistic Modeling and Analysis of the Power Transformer
Prof SM Rizwan
3. Development of Cellulose Acetate/ Graphene Oxide-Titanium Oxide nanocomposite membrane by recycling date palm leaves waste
Dr Sudheer Shukla(NA)
4. In vitro Evaluation of Calotropis Gigantea extracts as an antitumor agent and in combination with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) against colon and breast cancer cell line.
Dr  Nasser Al Mazwani
1. Flexural Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Date Palm Rachis - Towards a Sustainable Construction
Dr Aravind N (Mentor)
2. A Feasibility Study to Condition Desert Soil with Fly Ash and Date Palm Leaves for Agricultural Purpose
Dr Sathyanarayan SV
3. Algal biofuel production and wastewater treatment using photobioreactor
Dr Sudheer Shukla (NA)
4. Seismic Upgradation of RC beams Using Industrial By-product of Oman
Dr Balamuralikrishan

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