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College of Engineering bagged Best Paper Award in Virtual International Conference, RIST 2021

background:white'>The International Virtual Conference “Recent Innovations in Science & Technology (RIST 2021)” conducted from 19-20th June 2021, organized by ERANAD Knowledge City Technical campus, Malappuram, Kerala, India in association with ISET Research & HEXAIND Technologies and Services. The RIST 2021 virtual conference aims to bring together researchers, academicians, scholars and experts from various background and application areas in Science, Engineering & Technology. This virtual conference emphasis on promoting a high level of interaction between the theoretical, experimental and applied communities, so as to achieve exchange of ideas in new emerging areas of Science, Engineering & Technology. The virtual conference serves as a platform to cover the advanced aspects and approaches of Engineering and Basic Science in real world. The research team Majan Al-Balushi, Varghese MJ & Nageswara Rao Lakkimsetty from MIE Department, College of Engineering presented a paper entitled “Experimental Investigation on Solar Photo-Fenton as Photocatalyst to treat the Saline Water by Response Surface Methodology", was selected for Best Paper Award category based on the content and presentation at RIST 2021.

background:white'>The research idea focused on to investigate and treat saline water by using solar photo Fenton reagent with and without CuO to eliminate the organic pollutants by using solar energy in order to prevent the membrane fouling. However, the experiment executed according to the two-level factorial design with RSM to determine the TOC, TDS, Salinity and conductivity removal efficiency under the optimum operational conditions. As the results shown the maximum removal efficiency were TOC=64.094%, TDS=19.230%, Salinity=21.989% and Conductivity=19.267% respectively, Experimental results demonstrate that the photo-Fenton process is feasible for the treatment of wastewaters containing hydrocarbons, even in the presence of high concentrations of salt.

background:white'>Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering take this opportunity to congratulate the winner and the supervisor.

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