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The fifth Women Engineers Forum was held on 11th November 2020 virtually

The College of Engineering, National University is committed to providing support to the women engineering students that form 52% of the student population at the College of Engineering, National University of Science & Technology.

In 2016, the College of Engineering launched Women Engineers Forum to connect young women engineers in making with established women engineers to share how working as Engineers look like. The objective of this project is to encourage women students to not give up but continue excelling in the engineering field and grab professional development. .opportunities. Through Women Engineers Forum, we aim to connect the students with global networking opportunities and encourage women engineers to take on and sustain.

The fifth Women Engineers Forum was held on 11th November 2020 virtually. The Speaker Line-up constituted of women of substance:  Engineer Razan al Lawati, Mechanica Engineer Petrofac, UAE,  Engineer  Suhaila Al Sharji, Chief – Air Navigation Projects, Public Authority of Civil Aviation Oman, Engineer Nadhira Hinai, Group HSE Manager at Al Tasnim Group, Oman & recently graduated Engineer Aaisha Al Makhtoomi. Each of these women engineers have established themselves in their fields and are  excellent role models.

Dr Ahmed Hassan AL Balushi, Dean , College of Engineering, National University of Science & Technology expressed his commitment and the need to continuing supporting women to take up and sustain a career in engineering. He stressed upon the need and importance of networking and finding opportunities for continuous professional development.

Engineer Razan Al Lawati stressed upon the needs for taking ownership, exploring opportunities and personal branding. She highlighted on the importance of actively looking for opportunities without restricting oneself to boundaries.  She stressed on the need to be open to opportunities and willingness to take them on when they arise even if it means going to another country to gain experience and expertise.

Engineer Suhaila Al Sharji, emphasized upon the importance of following a Professional Development Plan with an aim to continuously build upon your technical and non-technical competencies.  She clarified that she never had any issues working with men. She said she does not remember feeling “isolated” or “alone” in her work journey as she always had a solid group of a team that she remained close to and shared ideas. She advises that ‘If you’re willing to contribute to the good of the organization, you’ll find a team of “friends” who are willing to help you succeed , no matter what your gender is’.  

Engineer Nadhira Al Hinai , Chair Women Engineers Chapter, Oman Society for Engineers highlighted the benefits of joining Oman Society of Engineers and the opportunities it offers through its training programs. She encouraged Women engineering students to join OSE and connect with industries for their career advancement.

Engineer Aisha Al Maktoumi, recent Chemical Engineering Graduate shared her experience of carefully treading her career path balancing cultural limitations and her dreams.

Each year the organizing team invites Women in Stem to come and share their journey to success. If you are interested to give your bit to the student community, then please drop us a mail at for the next Women Engineers Forum in March 2021.

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