Instructions & Help sessions

  1. Instructions / Help sessions in the use of the Library’s electronic services and resources are available in the Library. Please arrange a time to suit.
  2. Help sessions also cover how to use the Library’s databases and how to access full text journals.
  3. Full text services are particularly useful for NU Library users as there is no delay in obtaining the information. The relevant articles can be read at the library, printed out or downloaded.

Workshop on Accessing Databases & Electronic Resources

Learning objectives:

  1. To apprise the participants the full range of electronic journals and scholarly databases available online.
  2. To provide hands - on experience in using and accessing the range of electronic resources available on the SOLE portal provided by WVU.

Workshop Content:

  • Module 1: Electronic library resources-Introduction and Overview - Different range of electronic journals and types of scholarly databases available.
  • Module 2: Introduction to the SOLE portal and the resources available in the portal - Overview and demonstration of the resources.
  • Module 3: Effective searching - Searching electronic journals, scholarly databases and associated online resources.
  • Students are requested to register in advance to attend the workshop on any scheduled day.



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