Borrowing from Library

What does SBL stand for?
Semester Book Loan

What is SBL?
Through SBL, you can borrow your core text books for your registered modules and keep them for the whole semester. You will have to return the text books back to SBL unit by the end of the semester.

Why SBL has been introduced?

  1. Part of college initiative to move to paperless office and embracing technology in learning and teaching , by giving online access in the future as the young generation would like online access and does not like to carry heavy books
  2. We want to save papers and reuse books rather than procuring every semester.
  3. To encourage and teach students to take the maximum benefits from text books.

When can I borrow the text books?
You can borrow the core text books after the completion of registration every semester.

Should I submit any documents while borrowing the text books?
Yes. You will have to present your Student ID card. 

From where can I collect the text books?
You can collect text books from Room: PC 28/PC29.

When should I return the text books?
You have to return the text books not later than 5 working days after the last date of Final Examinations.

What will happen if I do not return the text books?
After the due date, you will be fined at the rate of 50 Baisa each book/per day. Your results will not be published until the books are returned along with the fine.

How shall I return the text books?
You will need to present your Student ID card along with the text books at Room: PC 28/29.

Can I extend my borrowing period?
No. You cannot extend your borrowing period to more than one semester.

Is there any kind of penalties for damages or loss of text books?
Yes. Here are the penalties:

Type of damage Penalty
Writing/highlighting/folding pages/replacing barcode or label 500 Baisa per damaged page
For full damages such as torn pages or book cover 1.5 times the cost of the book
Loosing/misplacing of the book 1.5 times the cost of the book

Can I buy the borrowed books?
No. We are not selling books. However, you can forward your request to Head of library

Did you inform MOHE regarding SBL?
Yes. We did inform MOHE. And they applaud the college on its effort in the context of the progress of the educational process for the students’ benefit.


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