Inter library loan

Inter library Loan service is available for faculty, staff and current student’s to support their NU research. It’s available to provide electronic resources such as Electronic articles or book chapters that are not held by National of science and technology Libraries. Please note this is free service for LIC members.

How do I use inter library loan?
Blank request forms can be fill from here  (Download form) then submit the request  by email to or

Please note:

  • -Information provided in the request form should be accurate and complete.
  • -The requests that are not verified will be returned to the LIC members for clarification.
  • -Requests will be processed only if they are not available with the NU LIC.

What can be requested?
Interlibrary loans include photocopy of books chapter and journal articles. Reference books, reserved collection, Multimedia resources and special collection are not included in ILL services.

Entitlement per Academic year for the following categories of library users:

 Type of user




Administrative Staff               


Level  4, special part time and MSc students  


 Level 1, level 2 & level 3 students


Medicine & Pharmacy program students


How long inter library loan take to arrive?
LIC member will be notified when the requested loan item is received.

When should LIC members return information resources?
All information resources need to be returned on or before the due date and time by the LIC members.

Can LIC members renewal information resources?
Necessary intimation to the interlibrary loan staff by minimum of three working days before the expiration period needs to be adhered to. Any such requests coming after due date is not entertained.

What to do if LIC members loss or damage of the borrowed information resources?
LIC members would be held responsible to pay the cost as per the rule of the lending Library.

Is there any fine if the borrowed resources are not returned on the due date and time?
Borrower will be penalized in form of but not limited to, overdue fine/suspension of privileges to use  ILL services.

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