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Industry Orientation Programme: 17 – 21 & 25 January, 2016

Industry Orientation Programme: 20 – 27 June, 2016

Industry Orientation Programme: 22 – 26 January, 2017

Industry Orientation Programme: 2 – 6 July, 2017

Entrepreneurship Fair 2015

‘Connecting CoE with Entrepreneurial Support Agencies’ was the highlight of Entrepreneurship Fair held 8 – 10 December 2015.. The proceedings of the first day of the event featured an insightful keynote speech by Dr. Halima, the Assistant Director General for Academic Affairs for the College of Applied Sciences and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Mr. Shabib Mamari, Executive Director of Injaz Oman, addressed a possible partnership to train future business leaders, while Ms. Aisha Baabood shared her entrepreneurial journey of establishing The White Hands Center for Assistive Technology. Mr. William Crew of Inspired Solutions discussed the importance of having a strong and well-articulated Business Pitch and highlighted some downstream business opportunities. Ms. Dua Awayes, Head of Business Advisory, Protiviti talked about Crowd Funding and Angel Investors, Ms Sherry Colbourne and Mahmood Zayed of Start-up Oman highlighted how Startup Oman supports Entrepreneurship & Ecosystem. Mr Ajay Bhatti, CEO of The Lighthouse LLC talked about Entrepreneurship Traits.

Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016

Celebrating the Success stories of ‘millennial Entrepreneurs’ was the theme of a three days (6-8 December 2016) Entrepreneurship Symposium organsied by Department of Educational and Professional Development. The event was honoured with the presence of Mr. Khalid Al Huraibi, CEO of Riyada, Mr. Ali Al Lawati, DGM Mudhaher Establishment and Founding Partner of PPC Oman is an alumnus of College of Engineering, Ms Shatha Al Jabri, founder of Meeshan Dates and presentation of Success stories by CCE startups.

A glimpse through the event:

The launch of Caledonian Women Engineers Forum, 29 March, 2017,Assembly Hall, College of Engineering, Al Hail Campus

NU College of Engineering launched the Caledonian Women Engineers Forum under the patronage of the HE Dr Suad Mohamed Ali Sulaiman Al Lawati, Vice President of State Council, Oman. The event saw an august gathering of influential Omani women drawn from government,
The objective of this forum is to establish and active women engineers forum at NU College of Engineering; create awareness of the role of women in taking up career and their contribution to the economy; inspire women engineering students through successful Omani role models from industries and organisations; equip women engineers with skills and competencies needed to succeed in male dominant industries; empower them through workshops and local and international networking opportunities; support the women engineering students with the ecosystem to balance their professional career and home industries and entrepreneurs and was attended by 195 women engineering students.

NU College of Engineering excitedly prepares for the TEDx CoE Event on 28th November 2017. Preparations are underway for soft launch. This event is organised and led by the students.

TEDxCCE Salon at Caledonian College of Engineering

Excitement was in the air as Caledonian College hosted their first ever TEDxCCE Salon. It was a day of inspiring talks by speakers who have made their mark in the community through their contributions. The event was supported by the Dean Professor Dr Ahmed Hassan Al Balushi and sponsored by NU College of Engineering, Oman.

TEDxCCESalon was held on 18 December, 2017 from 11 am to 4 pm at the Al Hail Campus of NU College of Engineering. Invitations were through registrations. The theme for TEDxCCESalon was ‘Empowering Ideas under United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.’ TED is an international event where speakers from around the globe share their ideas in creativity and entertainment. TEDx events are independently organised events similar to TED events but on a smaller scale that take place in different communities around the world. TEDx Salon are smaller often weekly or monthly events that keeps a TEDx community engaged between regular TEDx events.

Speaking at the pre-launch session, the co-organisor Ms Prekerthi Panikar, Head- Educational & Professional Development at College of Engineering said that “It has long been felt both in the school of thinkers that there needs to be an integration between academics, global issues and agreed goals at the apex level. At a point of time when the there is acute hardships of all forms across the world, there is a need for champions to rise and show the way to a better world. We at Caledonian believe that there is a champion in each one of us who wants to spread the positivity and play their part in the development of a better world through their ideas and contributions. United Nations Millennial sustainable Goals is a promise every country has made to the upliftment of the humankind by providing the basic rights. UNDP’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals invites everyone to work together towards achieving these 17 Goals by 2030. This is where the role of individuals, their ideas, thoughts and contributions are shared through TEDx platform”. Hence, this theme blends the objective very well in an academic setting.

The Organisor Mr Muataz bin Mussallam Al Maawali, President Student Advisory Council at Caledonian College of Engineering was the Master of Ceremony and introduced the Speaker line-up. The Speaker Line-up included Ms Mariam Haji, MSc in food and nutrition; Rashid Al-Jabri, Well Engineer at Petroleum Development of Oman, Ms Nadiya Hassan- Entrepreneur and founder of Nad’s Delights, Ms Nadhira Al Hinai – Chair Women Engineers Council, Oman, Mr Marawan Maher Youssef CISCO Certified Engineer and Ableton Certified Trainer, and Ms Juhaina Al Eisri, Graduate from Michigan University.

The next TED Salon event is scheduled in May 2018.

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