Structure of programme

On completion of the three 20 credits Educational & Professional Development Modules at three level, students will have achieved exit competencies targeted thus equipping them with soft skills, knowledge and understanding of workplace requirements and Human Resource Developmental issues in wider context in and beyond Sultanate of Oman. The holistic aim of the modules is to prepare confident Engineers who

  • conduct themselves professionally and observe high standards of Personal and Professional Ethics
  • are reflective professionals and can identify personal strengths and weaknesses and draw up an action plan to translate weaknesses into strengths
  • are effective team workers with strong interpersonal and intra personal skills
  • are aware of workplace based challenges and are prepared to cope with them
  • have an aptitude for leadership with creative and innovative ideas to explore business opportunities in Oman

All students at CoE take three EPD modules, one at each level. These modules are:

All students at CoE take three EPD modules, one at each level. These modules are:

Technical Communication: This module prepares you to write technical reports analyzing critical situations. In the process you learn to apply critical thinking in investigating, analyzing and reporting. This module prepares you with technical writing in English that you will need in your day to day office situations. You will also learn presentation skills when defending your findings and analysis. Assessments are both formative and summative. You will work in groups thus sharpening your group work skills.

Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation: This module is designed to introduce graduate engineers to consider entrepreneurship as their career choice. It aims to familiarise students with the knowledge needed to start a business venture thus meeting the challenges of the growing economic needs of Oman. It aims to provide a platform for engineering students to showcase their entrepreneurial and managerial skills learned / developed during the course. The module addresses Oman’s Vision 2020 and aims at providing opportunities for students to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and skills as well as relevant ‘soft’ skills. This will be carried out through a comprehensive syllabus focusing on entrepreneurship in Oman, planning a business venture, strategic planning, environment analysis, marketing strategies, funding sources in Oman and risk analysis. This dynamic module will provide opportunities for wider network with successful local entrepreneurs.

Employability Skills Development:The department recognises that for a graduate, a sound base in job search skills and techniques can open doors to opportunities. The Employability Skills Development module thus focuses on how to find, excel, shine and sustain a well-earned job opportunity.. This module will prepare students to develop forward planning, target and goal setting, evaluating strengths and weaknesses with reference to Engineering competencies laid down by the various charters, and intensive job search related preparations and interview taking skills. Students are introduced to online application systems and skills of networking.

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