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Ms Prakerthi Panickar
Head of the Department Department of Educational and Professional Development

The department of Educational & Professional Development is unique in its nature and is designed to equip engineering graduates with skills that will assist them to make sizeable contribution to nation’s economic growth.

The department was set up in August 2003 with its objectives aligned with His Majesty’s vision 2020. The department of Education and Professional Development believes that the traditional and didactic approach of engineering instruction must be replaced with a Problem Based learning and inductive approaches with the thrust on acquisition and retention of skills, knowledge and competencies for life-long learning. It includes reflecting and discovering skills and competencies that one has and will need to accomplish one’s future goals, going beyond the usual focus on theories, principles, mathematical theorems and algorithms, in essence equip engineering graduates with problem solving skills through problem based learning and case study analyses. We at EPD apply Bloom’s taxonomy of Educational Objective in classroom inputs, assessments (both formative and summative) and in our interactions with you. We focus on higher order thinking skills and develop your cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains so that there is an all-round development.

In this fast paced world, Engineering is beyond designing and building projects. It is more about creating value to the customers enabling them to meet their vision and mission whilst ensuring the professional ethics and accountability.

An increasingly complex world awaits future in this era of globalisation. Engineering graduates have to tackle major issues of environment, sustainability and economic downturns. They will have to be able to work in multi-cultural, multidisciplinary teams and exhibit skills of teamwork, and an attitude towards cooperative learning and co-create solutions which impact local and global communities.

The nation and the industry expects Engineers to be technically skillful, knowledgeable, life-long learner, culturally aware who can understand the societal needs, adaptable and flexible, and exhibit high ethical standards and an entrepreneurial mindset having leadership skills, business acumen and management skills with their innovative and creative technological inventions which can be turned into commercially viable products or services.

Contact Information:

Ms. Prakerthi Panickar

Educational and Professional Development
P.O. Box 2322
C.P.O Seeb – 111
Sultanate of Oman
Telephone: 24536165, Ext : 600, Fax: 24535675
Email: prekerthipanikar@nu.edu.om

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