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Human Resource Development in Oman is a project close to His Majesty’s heart and has received emphasis time and again. His Majesty’s Vision 2020 outlines promising future for Oman and lays emphasis on Human Resource Development and Training as an essential way forward. The department of Educational and Professional Development (EPD) supports His Majesty’s vision by preparing the graduates – our future workforce, with essential workplace based skills and enhance young graduates’ capacity to become promising entrepreneurs rather than job seekers..

The Department of Educational Professional was set up in June 2003 and has come a long way in terms of its uniqueness. Today we are widely recognised by our stakeholders and its benefits are clearly visible in the success of our students, many of them who hold successful leadership roles in well-established organisations. This has been made possible because of the vision of the management and excellent team work and vision of the distinguished faculty members who have continuously contributed to the development of the programmes. Our Professional Development programmes are contextualised to the needs of the local workforce in Oman and are regularly updated in consultation with our stakeholders to continue to provide an effective learning programme

Our faculty in Educational & Professional Development comes with experience and expertise in education, human resource training and development and engineering backgrounds. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and quality learning experience to students and equip them with professionalism and confidence to take up positions of responsibility in their career ahead.

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