MLSC is under the department of Mathematics and Applied Science and it’s a drop-in-center for supporting students during the college working hours. It is located in the Library at Learning Resources Center (M101F). Center is equipped with PCs and a dedicated staff. It aims to support students in Mathematics, conducting relevant quizzes and workshops. Useful lab manuals (R-Stat, Data analysis using EXCEL, Basic Mathematics using EXCEL) are in place as a softcopy link on CCE Learn and hardcopy for references. Topic wise Diagnostic tests are also available on CCE Learn as prudent support to test Mathematical abilities of students.

Additional Support by staff:In addition to a dedicated staff at MLSC, the staff of Mathematics and Applied Science provides additional support to students in MLSC every day from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Every semester, the dedicated MLSC timetable is posted on the notice boards of the department and MLSC, and informed to all students through their module tutors in their respective classes’ along with CCE Learn postings.

Student’s Mentor System:Student's mentor system is another facility encouraged by MLSC and is in place every semester. Good performers are nominated by Mathematics staff and at the same time they need to be willing to support their fellow friends in learning Mathematics. Many students are getting benefit every semester under this system.

Math Club:MATH CLUB is another actively promoted club under Mathematics Learning Support Center of the department of Mathematics and Applied Science and it aims to encourage activities relevant to the practical aspect of the subject. Various mathematics in-house and other colleges Quiz competitions are organized during the semester. Relevant workshops are also organized to encourage students to show their potential and presentation skills.


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