The Department of Built and Natural Environment has been a pioneer in a number of academic and related activities in the college. It is the first department to throw open its laboratory facilities for industrial testing and consultancy, the first department to involve students in consultancy related activities, and the first department to organize a national conference in the college. Activities are many, various and frequent. Some of these are listed below:

Visit to Al Ameen Mosque, located at Bowsher, Al Khuwair

Students of Construction Technology-2 Module went on construction site of Al Ameen Mosque, located at Bowsher, Al Khuwair, on 18/11/2009. During their visit students practically experience the real life construction processes such as planning site layout and its advantages, health and safety regulations, shuttering and formwork workshop, quality control laboratories etc. Apart from this students also witnessed concreting of pad foundations, retaining walls, water proof treatment for columns and foundations, and curing methods. This field session provided the students to understand the various construction processes in a better way.

Visit to construction site located at Al-Hadidi, Wilayat Seeb

Construction activities are best understood by having site visits during construction of building and installation of building services. Keeping this in view students of level 2 of construction technology-2 module were taken to a construction site located at Al-Hadidi, Wilayat Seeb, on 20/10/2009, to practically experience real life construction work.

Student cashed the opportunity by on site learning and observation of actual Augur Bored Pile Foundation which involves various processes like drilling , concreting , pile reinforcement etc…

his field session provided the students with knowledge of latest methods and technology used for construction of pile foundations in Oman

Expert lecture on “Stainless Steel Rebars”

An expert lecture on stainless steel rebars in construction was delivered by Dr. Luciano Bonomi, Managing Director, Valbruna Gulf FZE on 12th March 2005.

Visit to Wastewater Treatment Plant

Students of level 4 of Environmental Civil Engineering visited the Muscat Municipality’s wastewater treatment facility at Darsait on 6th December 2005. Students were made aware of the importance of using latest technology in wastewater treatment and re-cycling.

Visit to Steel fabrication unit of Bilad (Oman) LLC

A visit to the structural steel fabrication facility of Ms Bilad (Oman) was undertaken on 10th December 2005 in order to allow students studying the module “Design of Structures-A” an ‘industrial view’ of various issues concerning design and fabrication of steel structures.

Visit to the site of Mosque

A visit to construction site of the Sayyidah Mezoun Bint Ahmed Mosque at Al Mawaleh – South was arranged on 21st November 2005 for students of Quantity Surveying, Construction and Civil Engineering pathways of level 2. Students were exposed to various aspects of construction and finishes adopted at this stately mosque

Traffic Survey by students

A traffic survey was conducted by the Department of Built and Natural Environment on behalf of M/s Cowi-Larsen, consultants for the proposed development of Seeb International Airport. This traffic survey on road midblocks near the Airport at Seeb was conducted on 27th November 2005, commencing early in the morning and running late into the evening in order to enable the study of traffic flow pattern on important arteries in the vicinity of the proposed development. This exercise was undertaken entirely by students under the able supervision and guidance of staff from the department.

Design and Construction Practices in Hot and Arid Regions (DCPHAR)

The first national level conference organized by the college in March 2004 set the pace for many more to follow. A widely attended conference, it provided the right platform for industry-academia interaction so very important for innovative technology and information dissemination.

Seminar on Construction Chemicals by Gulf International Chemicals (SAOG)

This one-day seminar on construction chemicals was an eye-opener for students on the wide variety of chemicals available to practicing engineers for special purposes including repair and rehabilitation.

Lecture titled “Environmental Issues”

In connection with the “World Earth Day-2004”, a lecture was delivered by Mr. Igbelina, consultant with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources. This lecture served to raise a sense of awareness among engineers of the possible devastation that can be caused by senseless ‘developmental’ activities without regard to their environmental impacts.

Visit to site of Barr Al Jissah Resort

A site visit for students of level 2 covering all pathways was arranged on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November 2004. The main purpose of the educational visit to this luxury resorts development project was to expose students to Health and Safety requirements on large construction sites, project management and good construction practices

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