Career Opportunities

There has been a major surge in construction activities within the country in recent years, thanks to infrastructure developments and a diversified economy. And with the government keen and committed to promote industry and tourism, this trend is set to continue. Realizing new projects and ensuring the satisfactory maintenance of the country’s existing infrastructure calls for a steady supply of well-trained engineers of the Built Environment.

They are concerned with planning, designing and executing buildings, bridges, roads, harbours, dams, airports, coastal protection, water supply and public health and also routine refurbishment and maintenance activities. There is a strong and steady demand for these engineers in various ministries and municipalities in Oman as well as in the private sector.

Built Environment engineers work for Ministries, Diwan of Royal Court, private industry, for consulting engineering and management firms, construction companies, mining companies and research establishments and, directly or indirectly, for almost every organization that has buildings and facilities to maintain such as hotels, hospitals, and amusement parks among others.

In short, career opportunities are unlimited and this is borne out by the fact that graduates of the Built Environment have a high record of employment.

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