Student Projects

The department has fully analyzed the objectives and the learning outcomes of the modules and the projects given to the students will combine the learning outcomes of core modules of the individual programmes. The Industrial Advisory Group’s suggestions will be invited on topics and the projects will be based on the requirements of the industries, provided such projects meet the learning outcomes.

Year 2016 - 17

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
6522 Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Thunai Al Busaidi BSCA Corrosion behavior of valve used in oil bulk header line
7273 Hisham Qassim Mohamed Al Maaini BSCA Design of a suspension for a formula race car.
8737 Qahtan Saif Jamil Al Noumani BSCA Detection of leakage in pipeline network system for natural gas.
9253 Aisha Saif Abdullah Al Ismaili BSCA An experimental analyses on mechanical integrity of TIG/MIG hybrid weldments.
9388 Ahmed Rashid Mohammed Al Rahaili BSCA Fabrication of Automobile Simulator for drivers in Oman.
9530 Abdul Aziz Khalifa Nasser Al Riyami BSCA Design & Development of a cutting tool dynamometer for force measurement.
10561 Ismail Khalfan Nasser Al Sharji BSCA Design and Fabrication of domestic gas pipeline network for fire protection system.
11027 Abdul Malik Amur Khlalaf Al Subhi BSCA Design and Development of anti-explosion system for car fuel tank.
11386 Saif Ali Rashid Al Sheriyani BSCA Design and Analysis of outer casing fan of AC.
11665 Nooh Mubarak Shambeh Al Bulushi BSCA Design and Structural & thermal analysis of brake disc by finite element method.
11709 Fatma Hamed Nasser Al Khusaibi BSCA Experimental investigation into cutting parameters of water jet machine.
11723 Mazin Mohammed Nasser Mohammed Al Busaidi BSCA Falaj Trash Dispenser
11804 Ahmed Hamdan Salim Al Haddabi BSCA Fabrication of Emergency Shutdown Control valve for centrifugal pump.
11831 Marwan Salim Khamis Al Farsi BSCA Investigations on the corrosion behavior of electroless coating on Al-Mg alloys.
11839 Khalid Ali Nasser Al Busaidi BSCA Fabrication of automatic power hack saw.
11974 Shahir Moosa Mal Allah Al Balushi BSCA Design of conical wind turbine.
11980 Hassan Hamid Khuda Bakhsh Al Bulushi BSCA Design and Finite Element Analysis of Rim and spokes of car wheel.
120317 Ahmed Mubarak Salim Al `Abri BSCA Design and analysis for "O' ring seal used in aircraft jack.
120459 Adel Abdullah Humaid Al Hinaai BSCA Failure Analysis through experimental investigation on steam generator process line components.
120546 Abdul Aziz Saif Hamyar Al Hinai BSCA Vibration analysis rotary system used in oil and gas industries.
120947 Hamed Mohammed Saud Al Bahri BSCA Failure Analysis of pumps in a pumping station.
8265 Abdul Rahman Abdullah Awadh Al Mandhari BSMT Design and Fabrication of Luster Device
9703 Faisal Mohamed Mubarak Obaid Al Siyabi BSMT Design and fabrication of solar wheel chair
11157 Sheikha Said Dhiyab Al Amrani BSMT Design and Fabrication of Medical Capsules Sorting machine
11264 Yasir Sulaiman Salim Hamdan Al Hatmi BSMT Design and Development of Automatic Control car Design Shelter
11275 Amira Khamis Salim Al Ismaili BSMT Development of Solar powered table for charging Electronic Devices
11600 Musaab Raed Mohammad Al Darabea BSMT Design and Development of pick and Place Robot
11624 Rashid Mohammed Salim Al Jabri BSMT Smart Helmet for Blind People
11671 Sumaya Mohamed Nasser Al Rahbi BSMT Design and fabrication of Packing Machine for Industrial Application
11713 Muzna Sulaiman Amur Al Mahrizi BSMT Development of Safety Air Bags and Actuated Car Door
11714 Ranya Hamed Khalfan Awlad Thani BSMT Design and Fabrication of Gas Leakage Detector and Automatic Turning off valve of gas Cylinders
11731 Aisha Yaqoob Saud Al Toubi BSMT Design and Development of Automatic Controller for Energy Conservation
11757 Jawaher Said Sulaiman Al Rashdi BSMT Design Fabrication and Testing of Smart Window Cleaner
11786 Fatema Yousuf Saleh Al Sheheimi BSMT Design fabrication and Inspection System for Dates
11788 Kothar Said Mohammed Hamood Al Ismaili BSMT Design and fabrication of Car Cooling system by Solar Energy
11789 Latifa Hamood Said Al Ismaili BSMT Design and fabrication of smart Office Chair
11792 Manal Said Mohamed Al Amri BSMT Design and development of Solar powered vacuum Cleaner
11796 Almahanad Salim Hamed Al Mandhari BSMT Design and Development of Recycling machine for HDP ( High density polyethylene)
11837 Khalid Khamis Rashid Al Saadi BSMT Design and development of Automatic pick and place system for Pharmacy
11851 Sana Saleh Hamdan Saleh Al Darmaki BSMT Design and Development of Solar Spray system for Lawn
11860 Nawf Ahmed Saud Al Mahrezi BSMT Design and Fabrication of a robot for the divested places
11888 Said Salim Mohammed Al Hatmi BSMT Design of a Pipeline inspection Robot
11889 Intisar Mohammed Hamed Al Saadi BSMT Design and fabricate testing of Wearable Knee Joint Energy harvester
11890 Sultan Saif Badar Al Busaidi BSMT Design and Fabrication of Scissor Lift System
11891 Fatima Al Zahra Nasser Said Al Busaidi BSMT Hand Glove Controls Game
11893 Maryam Mohammed Amur Al Mahruqi BSMT Design fabrication of Automatic Waste food feeding Device
11935 Zainab Khamis Salim Al Kahali BSMT Design and Development of Automated Comfort Smart Fan
11939 Marwa Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al Salhi BSMT Design Development and Performance studies on lagged clay tubes air cooler
11947 Nawar Saif Said Al Dohani BSMT Development of power house using Fresnel Lens
11964 Maoudj Lylia BSMT Human Detection Robot
11979 Shekha Saif Salim Al Jardani BSMT Design and Fabrication of Smart baby walker
9128 Abdallah Sultan Rashid Al Senaidi BSPOM Design & Fabrication of a Pneumatic Die Press
9289 Al Muhannad Saif Rashid Al Saidi BSPOM Development of a pipe embedded roof integrated system for reducing the heat load on the air conditioning system
9373 Talal Mohamed Abdullah Al Hoqani BSPOM Development and performance testing of Metal Fiber Reinforced Concrete flat plate collector
9587 Salim Nasser Salim Al Alawi BSPOM Design and fabrication of a Mechanical press machine for small scale domestic industrial manufacturing
9656 Mohamed Saaiyed Musallam Al Harmali BSPOM Seawater desalination process using R. energy / vacuum pump
10407 Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Al Busaidi BSPOM Designing of A lean Assembly Line for National Heater Company At Al-Rusayl
10456 Ahmed Mohamed Harith Al Nabhani BSPOM House hold wastewater treatment
10571 Mashal Mohamed Abdul Rasool Al Zadjali BSPOM Design and develop a working model to increase oil and gas productivity using Fracking Technique
11071 Mahammood Habib Mohammed Al Farsi BSPOM Improvement of wastewater treatment efficiencies by electrocoagulation process
11129 Abdul Majid Abdullah Ali Hammad Al Khayari BSPOM Investigation of cost effective wastewater treatment process for an industrial wastewater
11161 Shima Ahmed Mohammed Al Jabri BSPOM Extraction of biofuel from natural corn
11245 Tariq Nasser Khalfan Al Marhobi BSPOM Extraction of Carbon black from waste tires using pyrolysis system
11385 Shurooq Mohammed Saleh Salim Al Nasri BSPOM Removal of toxic metal ions from industry wastewater bu using activated carbon from Mushroom
11515 Issam Salim Mubarak Al Shukaili BSPOM Industrial waste water treatment by using photo catalytic setup
11594 Younis Salim Mubarak Al Shuaili BSPOM Liquid fraction Recovery of the steam generator
11647 Ahmed Hamood Abdul Karim Al-Balushi BSPOM Investigation on alternate solution to avoid rupture in the boiler tubes for steam generator
11658 Ahmed Ali Zaid Al Jahwari BSPOM Removal of phenol from wastewater
11662 Asaad Al Shain Sinan Al Saadi BSPOM Upgrading efficiency of Maintenance system of biscuit processing industry
11685 Umaima Abdul Ameer Redha Al Ajmi BSPOM Utilization of banana fiber from banana stem for making papers with different parameters
11687 Nahla Mubarak Mohammed Al Kharusi BSPOM Removal of lead from industrial wastewater using marine algae
11690 Hamed Salim Saif Al Busafi BSPOM Design , Fabrication and Testing of evaporation Air-conditioner
11691 Shamsa Ali Mohamed Al Jahwari BSPOM Chemical Treatment of Carwash Wastewater
11716 Shahab Hamed Salim Al Qarshoubi BSPOM to study the characteristics of sea water by solar energy and photo catalysts
11720 Aisha Hussain Salim Al Balushi BSPOM Removal of Hydrogen sulphide from waste water using hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda.
11724 Ahmed Saleh Saif Al Ghamari BSPOM Study and experimentation of heat insulation using different ceramic fibers
11737 Yahya Said Ali Saeed Al Qayoudhi BSPOM Performance analysis of waste water pumps
11743 Hassan Mohamed Ghulam Al Balushi BSPOM Extraction of rubber powder using ambient process treatment then use it in bitumen to enhance its properties
11747 Duaa Hassan Pindok Al Zadjali BSPOM Experimental investigation of corrosion behavior for mild steel coated with Arabic gum
11750 Ibrahim Nasser Saif Nasser Al Rasbi BSPOM Recycling of used engine oil by using RTP
11751 Bushra Ali Salim Al Alawi BSPOM Batch studies for waste water treatment using advanced oxidation
11752 Hind Said Rashid Al Maqbali BSPOM Treatment of textile waste water using photo catalysis
11753 Hawa Salim Mubarak Hamdan Al Mamari BSPOM Production of biofuel from slaughter house waste
11758 Aisha Khamis Salim Al Maawali BSPOM Comparative performance of Arabic gum against corrosion on coatings
11759 Nada Said Salim Al Arfi BSPOM Recycling of used car batteries to solar cell
11764 Mithaq Shinain Thani Al Mamari BSPOM Comparative of wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation and activated carbon
11767 Amal Salim Khalfan Salim Al Hosni BSPOM tyre recycles to produce diesel
11769 Ethar Abdullah Ali Al Jabri BSPOM Treatment of textile industry wastewater using tamarind seeds as adsorbent
11770 Fatma Maqbool Habib Al Bulushi BSPOM Treatment of wastewater using Olive nucleus
11801 Amani Talib Mubarak Al Mahrezi BSPOM Adsorption behavior of Cu(II) on various natural soil
11815 Zainab Said Saif Al Rawahi BSPOM Study On Feasibility of Power Generation From Treated Water
11820 Mohammed Hamed Said Al Suli BSPOM Analysis and treatment of waste water from textile industry using activated carbon from wood
11825 Ashwaq Hamood Nasser Al Ghafri BSPOM process design for Methanol production at the rate of 50T/day.
11834 Muhannad Ahmed Khamis Al Busaidi BSPOM Synthesis of Soap from cooking oil
11840 Shafa Khamis Salim Nasser Al Salehi BSPOM Reuse of car washed water for car washing
11900 Tawaf Said Salim Al Alawi BSPOM Design and Development of a working model to control air pollution in Cement Industry
11910 Huria Shaaban Batal Al Yaaribi BSPOM Removal of copper ion from aqueous solution by ion exchange process
11923 Wafa Khamis Khaseeb Al Quraini BSPOM Effect of heat treatment on structure and properties of multilayer Zn-Ni alloy coatings
11925 Khalid Ahmed Darwish Al Hamadani BSPOM Energy efficient way to separate crude oil and water
11932 Buthaina Salim Nasser Al Qassmi BSPOM Treatment of domestic waste water using soil filter and sawdust as activated carbon
11949 Khalfan Nasser Mohammed Al Aufi BSPOM Design development of an enhanced water system at Far West station at Safah field.
11970 Abdullah Rashid Ali Al Badri BSPOM Life cycle assessment (LCA) of autoclaving of food waste
111057 Mundhir Mohamed Rashid Al Tobi BSPOM Extracting Heavy Oil by using Steam Technology Process
111059 Abbas Mohamed Ali Al Lawati BSPOM Vapor Recovery Unit for burning gas in FWKO
111082 Ammar Hilal Amur Al Habsi BSPOM Investigation of pipe corrosion and failure for water injection systems
120290 Ibrahim Said Adi Al Harrasi BSPOM Energy audit of a small scale LPG bottling plant in Oman
120616 Aisha Ibrahim Saleh Al Balushi BSPOM Production of biofuel from sawdust by using RTP
120904 Ahmed Mohamed Humaid Al Gharabi BSPOM Design and Development of Industrial Dust Removal System
120110 Khalid Salim Ali Hamed Al Jafari BENGCAME A Bicycle Powered Mixer - Design and Fabrication
120432 Asim Abdul Qadeer Mohammed Saddiqe BENGCAME A correlative analysis of machining parameters and surface roughness in ferrous and non-ferrous materials
130623 Muhammad Kunnumal BENGCAME Acoustic and Vibration analysis of an Automotive Silencer using FEM
130453 Basim Shajahan BENGCAME Analyzing the Performance of Indirect Contact Air cooler made with Porcelain tubes
120556 Khulood Said Saif Hassan Al Balushi BENGCAME Comparative study and critical analysis of solar dryers and conventional dryers
9664 Wael Saif Said Al Alawi BSCA Computational Analysis in Improving Existing Design of Domestic Overhead Water Tank to Improve Thermal Resistance against High Ambient Temperature
120880 Ayman Mohammed Khalfan Al Nadabi BSCA Computational analysis of cavitation phenomena in transfer pump
120647 Akomolafe Damilola Sophia BENGCAME Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Micro-turbine unit running using Biogas
130322 Ashique Ibrahim Asanali BENGCAME Critical Analysis and Assessment of Energy Consumption in few Buildings of Muscat Governorate
10452 Abdullah Tariq Abdul Mohsin Al Shezawi BSCA Design & Simulation of Steam Ejector for Solar Refrigeration Using Flow Simulation in Solid works
120233 Faisal Ali Mohammed Saleem Al Saadi BENGCAME Design and Analysis of Camshaft for 4 stroke engine
120035 Khalid Salim Said Al Rahbi BENGCAME Design and development of a linear welding manipulator for TIG welding process.
130461 Farid Ibrahim Sangoor Al Balushi BENGCAME Design and Development of an Automatic fire Detection& Control System for Passenger vehicles
120855 Abdullah Marhoon Amin Al Nabhani BSCA Design and development of corrosion inhabited chamber for different working environments of Oman.
130469 Hassan Mohammed Said Al Mashikhi BENGCAME Design and Development of micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for small scale production of Electricity
120148 Basam Hamood Sulaiman Al Jabri BENGCAME Design and Development of Multi-purpose Pitting Machine for Omani farm products
120029 Khalid Saif Mohammed Al Saidi BENGCAME Design and development of pneumatic sheet metal shearing machine.
120540 Hamood Saif Sulaiman Al Habsi BENGCAME Design and Development of Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerator Unit for Rural Parts of Oman
130512 Fahad Mohamed Masoud Al Shibli BENGCAME Design and Fabricate Automatic Electro Mechanical Platform Carts
10164 Mahmood Mohammed Al Mur Al Sabari BSCA Design and fabrication of a compression strength testing machine for blocks and clay.
130557 Fadhel Abdul Husain Mohamed Husain Al Sairafi BENGCAME Design and fabrication of Back Pack cooling System
7245 Faras Mustafa Mohammed Al Lawati BSCA Design and fabrication of Compressed Earth Block Press
9532 Sulaiman Saeed Majed Naser Al Shekaili BSCA Design and Fabrication of Powered Rollator
120163 Altayeb Ahmed Abdullah Al Faliti BENGCAME Design and Fabrication of Self-Powered Drive Vehicle using Steering Column Propulsion
120195 Said Humaid Hamed Al Hajri BENGCAME Design and fabrication of waste heat recovery system
120265 Imad Ali Abdul Samad Al Balushi BENGCAME Design and Simulation of a portable knee Rehabilitation Device
130333 Muna Khamis Hamdan Al Balushi BENGCAME Design and Fabrication of Vertical axis Wind Turbine
120525 Hadeel Hamed Rashid Said Al -Alawi BENGCAME Design, Fabrication & Feasibility analysis for Enhanced Performance of Concentric Solar dryer
8706 Hafedh Yahya Talib Al Anboori BSCA Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Automatic Electric Jack for Automobile
11202 Abdallah Mohammed Hamood Al Malki BSCA Designing resistance cover for sea water pipeline to prevent corrosion
11649 Abdullah Hassan Nasser Al Balushi BSCA Detailed Study and Preventive Maintenance of Beam Pump System
11966 Asad Said Humaid Al Aasmi BSCA Development of a low cost solar operated steam turbine for low medium energy production
120144 Ahmed Said Salim Rashid Al Shibli BENGCAME Development of an automatic watering system for irrigation and landscaping
120665 Salim Abdullah Hamed Al Madhushi BENGCAME Fabrication of date Syrup Extraction
120215 Mudhi Ali Rashid Al Quraini BENGCAME Investigation and comparative analysis of heat transfer characteristics of insulating material used for Cooling Space (wall/ room)
7415 Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al Murshidi BSCA Investigation of Centrifugal Pump Cavitation using Vibration Analysis-Frequency Domain
120212 Saud Hamed Nasser Salim Al Mahrouqi BENGCAME Low cost air compression system operated by bicycle for day today applications.
120164 Al Sult Suleiman Saif Hamed Al Mamari BENGCAME Modeling and simulation of a rotary engine.
8306 Khalid Al Waleed Khalid Al Sulaimani BSCA Optimizing the pipeline support under different fluids conditions using computational Analysis
130423 Abdul Rahim Salim Saleem Al Mandhari BENGCAME Production of metal matrix composites and characterization of defects using non-destructive testing
120321 Nasser Mohammed Mubarak Humaid Al Hashemi BENGCAME Smart umbrella
7510 Murshid Abdullah Mohammed Al Murshidi BSCA Stress Analysis Of Oil Gathering Pipeline For Optimum Production
3082 Ali Hamood Sulaiman Al Maqbali BSCA Study and analysis of corrosion effected on impeller of sewage pump.
120089 Ahmed Said Abdullah Al Kendi BENGCAME Study and analysis of water coil sandwiched walls in a confined space for cooling load
7338 Mohammed Badar Saud Ambu-Saidi BSCA Study and Analysis the parameters that control bead geometry of submerged arc welding of pipes.
10370 Mutasim Sulaiman Mohamed Al Suqri BSCA Study and Performance Enhancement of Disc Brake
11568 Mohamed Yousuf Mohamed Al Balushi BSCA Study apparatus for measurement of heat emitted by compressor
120489 Ibrahim Humaid Abdallah Al Siyabi BENGCAME Study of Optimization & Improvement of Centrifugal Pump Using CFD
11917 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Al Bulushi BSCA Work study analysis of a car wash industry.
120182 Abdullah Masoud Rashid Salim Al Hinai BENGMT Design and development of vacuum-assisted gas remover in stir casting furnace
6218 Adnan Juma Rabia Al Farsi BSMT Design and development of shopping device
120603 Ahmed Abdul Rahman Fandouk Al Zadjali BENGMT Design and development of wireless intelligent vigilance system in automobile
120602 Ahmed Said Salim Al Shaaili BSMT Case study on heat recovery steam generator
120124 Al Harith Abdul Sallam Makhalf Bait Ardhain BENGMT Design and fabrication of remote control rescue robot using Bluetooth technology
120234 Ali Khalaf Ali Al Washahi BENGMT Design and Fabrication of Massage chair in car
11530 Amira Ali Rashid Al Ghafri BSMT Failure Analysis of Gearbox Using Vibration Monitoring
10304 Arwa Ali Khalaf Al Jabri BSMT Design of control unit for lighting system
3279 Asad Salim Mohamed Al Hadhrami BSMT Analyzer management and data analysis system
11857 Azza Nasser Salim Al Shidhani BSMT Development of application that shown the congregational prayer time
120635 Bara Nedal Ratib Abusafiyah BENGMT Remote Controlled Boat With Camera And GPS Tracker
11322 Fadhl Darwish Haider Al Balushi BSMT Design and fabrication of a reminder device for important item "Never Leave without it"
120192 Haitham Mohammed Said Al Isaee BENGMT Design And Development Of Instrumentation Robot For Hazardous Environment
111033 Isra Mahmood Mohamed Al Sabri BSMT Drip Irrigation valve controller using SMS
11959 Lubnh Said Salim Al Ghafri BSMT Design and development of a smart electro mechanical duster for CCE class rooms.
130425 Mainul Islam BENGMT Semi autonomous gesture controlled unmanned aerial vehicle for positioning and stability
121020 Mohammed Ahmed Salim Al Mahadli BSMT Design and Fabrication of a Lifting platform for disables
8229 Mundhar Saif Said Al Kalbani BSMT Solar Powered Street Light with Motion Control
120451 Musaab Mohammed Ahmed Sir El Khatim BENGMT Autonomous Defense platform
130442 Omar Osama Ismail Mohamed Hamroush BENGMT Development , Implementation and validation of an RFID based Automated Unmanned Petrol Pump
11955 Rashid Abdulla Seif Al Barwani BSMT Design and fabrication of a powered standing assist system for manual wheel chair
120090 Ruqaiya Mohammed Ali Al Shihhi BENGMT Design a safety program for school bus
11531 Safa Khalifa Rashid Al Shukaili BSMT Voice controlled Robot to pick and place work piece and tool for the job of a drilling machine using Android application
120020 Salma Hamed Mohammed Abdullah Al Shamakhi BENGMT Design and Performance Evaluation of Robotic Car Parking System
130400 Sushant Shridhar Salian BENGMT Design And Development Of Human Following Robot For Sorting Of Waste
11356 Aaisha Ali Abdul Rahman Al Balushi BSPOM Investigation and analysis of performance of different genre solar cells.
120218 Aaisha Said Sulaiman Al Breiki BENGPOM Low cost oil extraction using tamarind seeds
120232 Abdul Hamid Nasser Mohammed Al Manwari BENGPOM Enhancing the octane number by designing deisopentanizer column using ASPEN HYSIS
121051 Abdullah Sulaiyam Ahmed Al Rashdi BSPOM Treatment of Municipal water by Reverse Osmosis
130422 Abdullah Nasser Abdullah Al Saifi BENGPOM Gray Wastewater Treatment using Adsorbents
120207 Ahmed Hamed Hamood Said Al Mazidi BENGPOM Treatment of waste Water by Using Fungi
120219 Ahmed Said Sulaiman Nasser Al Kharusi BENGPOM Recycling of Used Lubricating Oil by Acid-Clay Treatment
111124 Ahmed Salim Hamdan Al Mashrafi BSPOM A comparative analysis of adsorption techniques for removal of pollutants from wastewater
11547 Aida Rajab Khamis Al Balushi BSPOM Analysis and treatment of industrial waste water using activated carbon from used coconut shell.
120382 Aisha Said Sultan Al Maskari BSPOM Comparative studies on bio composites made from starch with sugarcane fiber and starch with coconut husk fiber
120159 Al Anoud Hamed Rashid Salim Al Quraini BENGPOM Design of Zero flaring plant
120368 Al Sult Abdullah Mohamed Al Kharusi BSPOM Design, Fabrication and Testing of Electrically Operated Multipurpose Trolley
120358 Ali Mohammed Khamis Al Hanashi BSPOM Electric Heat Tracing System
120249 Ali Salim Talib Obaid Al Ajmi BENGPOM Design and Analysis of a Portable PCM Cooler
120562 Alla Najm Juma Ali Al Hashemi BENGPOM Experimental study of Bio gas Production
120322 Anas Ali Masaaod Al Mandhari BENGPOM Design and Simulation of Heat Exchanger for Polypropylene Plant with the capacity 50TPD
120141 Arwa Mohammed Saif Mohammed Al Umuri BENGPOM Investigation of the corrosion resistance and protection in mild steel
111001 Badar Nasser Ali Al Mukhaini BSPOM Conversion of wind energy to electric energy on Muscat express ways
11053 Bashir Humaid Sulaiman Salim Al Shuhoumi BSPOM Design an Instrument air system within Industrial Plant Air Compressor with more Capacity
120039 Basma Yaqoob Saif Al Nadabi BENGPOM Testing of anti-scale coating for evaporator pipe used in desalination plant
120045 Buthaina Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri BENGPOM Extraction of Silica from Silica Sand (SiO2) Obtained From Oman Beach
10334 Ehab Ahmed Al Basheer Aboulgasem BSPOM Analysis of corrosion under disbanded coating: A case study
7831 Faisal Mohammed Sulaiyam Al Amri BSPOM Study Report of Introduce a Recuperative and cost Saving
120287 Haifa Khamis Mubarak Al Alawi BENGPOM Waste water recycle & reuse in CRI building of CCE Oman
120156 Hamdan Mohammed Said Mohammed Al Abri BENGPOM Corrosion Protection by using Liquid Nano-ceramic in Oil and Gas steel pipeline
111008 Hamed Ali Nasser Al Shuaili BSPOM Comparison of chemical properties between produced water and fresh water used in water flooding at Safah Field
120216 Hamood Zayid Salim Al Hashmi BENGPOM Adsorption Technique of Wastewater Treatment Using different Biosorbnets
120203 Hanadi Hashim Khamis Al Balushi BENGPOM Chemical treatment of dye wastewater
120448 Hiba Saleh Salim Al Uraimi BENGPOM Production of Urushibara Nickel Catalyst (Type-A)
120171 Ismail Said Abdullah Musabah Al Sadi BENGPOM Investigation of the corrosion resistance coating of manhole cover against H2S gas
120348 Juhaina Hamed Mohamed Al Adwani BENGPOM Design of distillation Column to Produce ETBE
120261 Khadija Moosa Haroon Al Zadjali BENGPOM Design and development of a cooling vest based on nano cool technology
120154 Khadija Sarahan Humaid Al Saidi BENGPOM Investigation on the effect of corrosion on carbon steel using weight loss technique and developing EN-P coating on carbon steel using surfactant
111114 Khalid Salim Salam Al Qarwashi BSPOM Studies on developing methods to identify the tube leakage in MSF desalination plant
111070 Khalid Ali Lal Bakhsh Al Bulushi BSPOM Design and fabrication of Dual Drill Bit for drilling Oil & Gas well
120300 Khalil Said Mubarak Al Harmali BENGPOM Production of Paper from Agricultural Waste
9221 Manar Rashid Khamis Al Araimi BSPOM A Study on Methods of Cleaning Tanks in Oil Industry Application Using Nitrogen Gas
120301 Mihad Khalifa Ali Al Rawahi BENGPOM Reduction of corrosion rate of carbon steel in aqueous media
11296 Mohamed Khalid Abdullah Al Fori BSPOM Making of Fuel from used plastic bottles
120040 Nadiya Hasan Abdullah BENGPOM Development of a self-destructive Synthetic polymer
11563 Nasma Salim Rashid Al Jabri BSPOM Disinfection of waste water containing E-coli bacteria using stainless steel plate coated with TiO2
120115 Noof Ali Saif Obeid Al Jabri BENGPOM Design production of Biogas process from Food waste
120552 Nowf Khamis Hamood Al Qasmi BENGPOM Production of biogas from food waste
120162 Rashid Hammad Said Hammad Al Khatri BENGPOM Design, manufacturing and testing of a double slope type solar desalination system for producing potable water for domestic use
120047 Rawan Ahmed Salim Al Obaidani BENGPOM Experimental Study of Desalination of Sea Water using activated graphite crystals
120563 Sakhar Mohammed Yarub Al Saifi BENGPOM Design and Development of Solar water cooling system by using Thermo Electric method.
120122 Salim Abdallah Salim Ali Al Kaabi BENGPOM Waste water recycle & reuse in airport height campus of CCE Oman
120310 Salim Khalfan Abdullah Mattar Al Muqbali BENGPOM Optimization of case hardening process of low carbon steel by using Taguchi’s robust design
120046 Salma Ali Hamed Al Rasbi BENGPOM Production of Ethanol from Date Palm Midribs
120060 Salwa Suroor Khalaf Al Shukri BENGPOM Comparative study of recovery technologies for waste lubricant oil
120135 Sami Mohamed Ali Al Qusaimi BENGPOM Waste water treatment using biosand filtration
2398 Samya Saleh Aziz Al Ofi BSPOM Production and Process Design of Toluene by Solvent Extraction
111027 Sanad Abdallah Ali Al Mukhaini BSPOM Refinery Wastewater Treatment by application of Solar Catalysis with TiO2 and ZnO
11153 Shamsa Badar Saif Al Busaidi BSPOM Generation of eco-friendly hydrogen fuel by artificial photosynthesis.
120126 Sheikha Abdullah Ali Salmin Al Adawi BENGPOM Study of water treatment in pharmaceutical industries
120579 Sheikha Rashid Obaid Al Busaidi BENGPOM Improved design of a condenser for optimum efficiency
8310 Sultana Nasser Salim Al Tamtami BSPOM Beneficiation of chromite ore from waste rocks
120576 Tahani Hamdan Hamed Al Jahwari BENGPOM Experimental studies of CO2 reduction using Fresh Tree Leaves
6473 Tariq Balarab Sultan Al Yarabi BSPOM Study the modification of once through split flow steam generator project
11229 Yaqoob Yousuf Saif Al Zaabi BSPOM Study of activated carbon using watermelon peel to adsorbed heavy metals in wastewater
120599 Yasmeen Nabil Ahmad H Baddar BENGPOM Optimize the concentration of surfactants with nano ceramic on electroless nickel phosphorous (EN-P) coating to improve coating efficiency.
120133 Yousra Yahya Mohamed Nasser Al Matroshi BENGPOM Design of Lactic Acid (LA) Production Process from Palm Tree Residue, Dry Leaves
11663 Zainab Ali Salim Al Khuwaldi BSPOM Optimizing the concentration of nano SiO2 for electroless nickel phosphorous protective coatings.
120509 Zainab Hassan Mohammed Al Ajmi BENGPOM Extraction of fuel from plastic using High-density polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene plastics
120424 Ziyad Muhalab Omar Al Zubaidi BENGPOM Comparative analysis of electrocoagulation and aerobics for waste water treatment

BENG Chemical Engineering

Sr No Name Project Title
1 Asmahan Ghubaish Al Hassani Synthesis and characterization of polymer based Nanocomposites.
2 Safa Sultan Al-kalbani Development of Hybrid Polymer Based Composites
3 Fatma Al Balushi Applications of Polymers in watertreatment technologies
4 Khdija Mohammed Abdullah Al-Siyabi Treatment of oil contaminated water by oxidation process.
5 Mundhir Mohammed Salim Al Harthi Use of agricultural waste for the production of wood plastic
6 Amani Rashid Process plant design for the production of 500 tons/day of sugar
7 Amani Salim Design of Methanol Plant of (2700) MTPD capacity
8 Badriya Hamood Said Saleem Al Badri Design of acetone plant of 60 ton/day capacity
9 Abrar Sulaiman Dhiyab Al Shibli Ethyl Benzene production plant design with a capacity of 100 tons/day
10 Omnia Salim Salman Al Saifi Soda ash
11 Al Maha Suhail Salim Suwaid Al Daraai Purification of water using watermelon seeds
12 Hanadi Salim Marhoon Al Riyami Extraction of pectin from orange peels
13 Arwa Khalid Saad Balraod Extraction of pectin from lemon peels
14 Aziza Ali Said Al Noumani Removal of zinc from waste water using marine algae
15 Zainab Khalid Abdok Al Balushi Experimental studies on the production of ethanol from orange and lemon peels
16 Hanadi Yassir Methane Separation System from Bio Gas
17 Salma Said Production of Bio Fuel using Corn & Sugarcane
18 Alaa Ahmed Extraction of Essential Oil Limonene by improved steam distillation and conventional steam distillation
19 Ahmed Khalifa Al hojri Design and productionof Sulfuric acid capacity of 1500 TPD by DCDA process
20 Houda Awadh Al Ghafri Study the Characteristics of Centrifugal pump and improving the performance
21 Omaima Abdullah Juma Al Amri Design of Acetaldehyde plant of capacity 250 TPD by Dehydration of Ethanol
22 Ashjan Saleh Abdullah Alkamzari Extraction of Oil from Rosemary leaves by Steam and Hydro Distillation
23 Raham Abdullah Saif Al Saadi Extraction of Oil from luban and leaves of luban trees
24 Sara Harib Saif Al Shukaili Optimization of Colour Bleeding Parameters in Dyeing Process On Cotton Fabric by Using Reactive Dye.
25 Hadil Khamis Jamaan Bait Sabih Production of Hydrogen by solar photo catalytic activity
26 Sahar Salim Said Al Siyabi Study on corrosion effect of caustic soda on pipes of Heat exchanger.
27 Aisha Abdullah Mohammed Al Kalbani Extraction and Characterization of Essential Oil from AL MYRRA herb by Steam Distillation.
28 Abdullah Al Dahli Studies on Evaluation and Enhancement of life time of Carbon Steel Pipeline in Sour Environment
29 Hamed Salim Khamis Al Hattali A study On the process of oxygen enrichment on Sulphur Recovery Unit at ORPIC company (Maf Refinery)
30 Siam Hossain Chowdhury Adsorption of copper ions from synthetic wastewater using chemically modified activated carbon derived from waste tea leaves.
31 Bashayar Said Khamis Salim Aal Abdulsalam Biosorption of Copper from waste water using raw and chemically modified algae
32 Safiya Hamed Ghasab Al Mashrafi Performance analysis of modified marine algae for the biosorption of Cu from waste water
33 Safa Ahmed Mohamed Al Hinai A study on minimizing carbon dioxide emission in clinker unit in cement plant.
34 Salmah Ali AL-Alawi Investigations on the corrosion behaviour of Electro less Nickel phosphorus (Ni-P ) nano coatings with surfactants on AL-Mg alloys.
35 Safa Faisal Sinan Al Jahwari Process plant design for the production of Benzene of 100TPD
36 Salsabeel Hamood Said Al Harrasi Experimental studies on extraction and characterization of Black Seed Oil
37 Amima Mattar Salim Al Sukaiti Treatment of refinery wastewater using inverse fluidization technique
38 Abeer Abdullah Ali Sulaiyam Al Saidi Characterization of carbon from waste material and its implication on treatment of industrial wastewater
39 Hanan Mohammed Abdallah Al Senani Experimental studies using inverse fluidization for the treatment of textile industrial wastewater
40 Sara Abdullah Salim Al Badaei Hydrodynamic studies of inverse fluidized bed
41 Zainab Hilal Darook Al Balushi Extraction of the bio-fuel from the waste fish.
42 Eman Irshad Hasan Al Haj Sardar Experimented studies on purification of wastewater by using moringa.
43 Sheikha Ali Saud Al Salmani study of Humidification and Dehumidification of sea water desalination.
44 Khadija Awadh Juma Al Yaqoobi Experimental study of Wastewater treatment by using nano photocatalysis.
45 Aisha Ali Sulaiman Al Hinaai Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Packed Bed Extraction Column
46 Arwa Zahair Extraction of fibre cellulose and methane gas from two types of plastic by using autoclaving and pyrolysis process.
47 Nabeeha nabhan suliman alnabhani Control and prevention reservoir souring at Daleel petroleum oil field.
48 sara said algafri Effective application of waste plastic materials in asphaliting of roads
49 Kharima Exraction of caffeine from waste tea and coffee
50 Said Musallam Al Omairi Design of continuous distillation column to separate crude oil
51 Khalid Salim Said Ambusaidi Design of a distillation column to separate azeotropic mixture
52 Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed Al Ojaili Design of natural gas fractionation process
53 Muadh Humaid Salim Al Subhi Design and fabrication of small scale kitchen water recycle unit
54 Intisar Mohammed Nasser Al Mahrizi Production & Characterization of various calcium derivatives from cuttle fish bones
55 Ms Zuwaina Saif Sulaiman Al Habsi Extraction of nicotine from tobacco leaves
56 Marwa Saleh Salim Al Rahbi Kerosene deodorization by zeolite
57 Noof Khalaf Said Nasser Al Wardi Study on extraction of dyes from onion skin
58 Rabaa Said Mohammed Kilaib Al Amri Production of Tartaric Acid from Tamarind pulp
59 Adhra Sulaiman Ali Al Busaidi Production of oil and Jellose from Tamarind seed.
60 Salma Salim Ali Al Kindi Experimental Studies on Settling Dynamics of Flocculants in the Treatment of Domestic Waste Water.

Year 2015 - 16

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
7271 Ammar Hamood Habib Al Batrani BSCA Prototype Development of Mini Wind Turbine
7383 Hashim Mabrook Mohamed Al Hashmi BSCA Designing and Fabricating Weight electric callifting table
8827 Edrees Yahya Abdullah Al Rashdi BSCA Analysis of Thermal Fatigue and Transformation of Steel Disc Brake Automobiles
9457 Mohamed Ali Nasser Al Farsi BSCA Performance of Stainless Steel Impellers for Reverse Osmosis Plant
9624 Mahmood Hamed Mohammed Al Rajhi BSCA Investigation on Effect of Factors Influencing Mechanical Properties of Steel
10069 Ahmed Said Saif Al Badri BSCA Design and assembly of solar Crane Lift
10387 Fahad Ibrahim Juma Al Kindi BSCA Study on Performance Improvement of the Mixed Bed Polisher at ACWA Power Barka SAOG
10480 Nawaf Abdullah Mohamed Al Zadjali BSCA An Investigation in Mechanical Behavior of Composite
10513 Jasim Mohammed Hamed Al Harrasi BSCA Design Fabrication and Performance Testing of a Single Slope Type Solar Still
11018 Ibrahim Moosa Sulaiman Al Bulushi BSCA Design and Development of Pebble Bed Solar Dryer
11021 Abdullah Rabia Ghashim Al-Shaqri BSCA Design and fabrication of welding fixture used for oil industries
11024 Ahmed Khalifa Nasser Al-Maawali BSCA Design and Fabrication of Smart Lathe For Machining Wood
11026 Saif Said Sulaiman Al Amri BSCA Design and Fabrication of Smart Sanding Machining Machine By Using Variable Belts
11029 Mahmood Ghabish Zayid Hashil Al Hadabi BSCA Development of an Automated Car Jack Using Solar Energy
11094 Nasser Ali Nasser Al Ghufaili BSCA Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Flat Plat Collector for Water Heating
11103 Mohammed Jamil Hamdan Al-Saadi BSCA Design and Fabrication of Cost Effective Solar Food Dryer
11168 Salim Hilal Juma Salim Al Sarhani BSCA Fabrication of Mango Juice Extraction Machine
11170 Fahad Hamed Mohammed Hamed Al-Hakmani BSCA Design and development of Automatic opening and Closing of bridge
11171 Ahmed Mohammed Said Salim Al-Rasbi BSCA Design , Fabrication ,and Testing of Automatic Trolley
11173 Mr Mahmood Mohammed `Abdallah Mohammed Al Sarhani BSCA Design and Fabrication of Fresh Coconut Peeling Machine
11278 Hamdoon Saud Eid Salim Al-Hashemi BSCA Design and Fabrication of Transmission System for Car by Using Belts and Pulleys
11292 Haitham Hamood Hamed Al-Ghassani BSCA Design and Development of Solar Cooker for Late Evening Cooking by Using Phase Change Material AL A cetanilide
11301 Sultan `Abdallah Zahir Al Shukaili BSCA Experimental study of Thermal Insulation on Domestic Pipes
11321 Jaifar Salim Khamis Mohammed Al-Naaimi BSCA Fabrication and Analysis of pedal Powered Cutting Machine
11323 Abdullah Juma Rashid Al Mashaikhi BSCA Design and Fabrication of Smart Medical Bed
11396 Turki Musallam Ali Al-Masahli BSCA Recycling Waste Tires by Vsinn Pyrolysis Process
11437 Mohamed Elfadl Khalifa Elsheikh BSCA Analysis and Implementation of Minimum Quantity Lubrication in Aluminum Alloy Drilling Operations in Order to Increase the Machining Efficiency
11480 Naser Ali Nasser Al `Amri BSCA Design, Development ,and Performance Analysis of Compact Crushing Machine
11569 Mohammed Abdallah Nasser Al Rubkhi BSCA Diesel Engine Nox Conversion With SCR
11582 Hatim Rafat Hasan Abu Jarir BSCA Design and Development of Solar Cooker for Late Evening Cooking Using Stearic Acid as PCM
11583 Sami Basheir Hassan Hamou BSCA Design and Fabrication of Steel Thermal Insulated Cabin With Efficient Solar Heating System
11634 Amir Mohsen Abdikhalifeh BSCA Oil Sludge Segregation by Mechanical Separator
11637 Labib Khamis Hamood Al Yahyai BSCA Solar Drger Sor Sish
11993 Moosa Sulaiman Salim Al Daghari BSCA Cool Car Under Diret Sunlim
111099 Said Hamood Sultan Al Amry BSCA Fabrication of Multi Agri Cutter
111109 Sulaiman Said Mohammed Al Shu`Eili BSCA Comparative Analysis in Design of Pipeline System for Oil GAS
111135 Hilal Nasser Saif Al Battashi BSCA Design & Developmental of One and Half Cover Solar Water Flat Plate Collector System
111140 Haitham Zahran Said Al-Kamyani BSCA Performance enhancement & Failure analysis of Elliott Turbocharger in a Reciprocating Engine at Safah Oil Field
120411 Khalid Talib Amer Al Sulaimi BSCA Design and Analysis of Aircraft Landing Gear
120517 Said `Abdullah Said Al Mufarragi BSCA Study of Particles distribution of stir casting process using Computational Fluid Dynamics
6599 Talal Salim Said Al Harthi BSMT Developing A GSM Based Car Switching system
9231 Sulaiman Saud Sulaiman Al Habsi BSMT Analyses of Corrosion in the Aircraft Engines
9332 Rashid Khalid Hilal Al Habsi BSMT Design & Fabrication of Mini 3-Axis CNC
9660 Ahmed Rashid Saif Al Badri BSMT Design of Pneumatic Based Mechanism to Minimize the Accident effect in Cars
10004 Iman Rashid Ali Al Fajrani BSMT Design Fabrication and Analysis of Automatized Variety Rice Maker
10066 Imad Saif Hamood Al Habsi BSMT Design and Simulation of Wind Mill from Water Pumping
10078 Ahmed Ali Amur Al Habsi BSMT Design and Simulation of 1/2 two load Lifting Machine
11020 Buthaina Hamed Hamood Hamdoon Al Sabahi BSMT Design and Development of Ecofriendly Solar
11022 Arwaa Mahmood Khalifa Al Rashdi BSMT Design and Development of Smart Car
11039 Mahmood Hamid Juma Al Sabari BSMT Cavitation Detection of Centrifugal Pump Using Time-Domain Method
11070 Fatma Khalid Hilal Al-Harthi BSMT Dynamic Irrigation System
11073 Hashim Rasheed Hashim Al Balushi BSMT Rope Climbing Rebot
11075 Mr Qusay Said Sulaiyam Thaleth Al Omairi BSMT Design and Fabrication of Portable Welding Machine
11078 Abir Salim Masaaod Musallam Al Droushi BSMT Electromagnetic Study for220KV transmission Line to Detect and Design Measuring Device
11079 Zainab Mohammed Salim Nasser Al-Alawi BSMT Design and Development of Power Lift Mechanism
11086 Ahmed Abdullah Juma Al-Alawi BSMT Design and Development of Pipe Inspection Robot
11101 Sumaiya Sultan Mohamed Saqr Al-Rumhi BSMT Design and Fabrication of Smart Shoe for Visually Impaired
11137 Hajar Abdulla Ali Al Amri BSMT Design of Robot to extinguish the Fire Place
11138 Mus`Ab Mohammed Saif Al-Mahdi BSMT Diagnosis of Centrifugal Pump's impeller Condition Using Frequency - Domain Analysis
11181 Hajar Mohammed Saleem Al-Hashemi BSMT Design and Fabrication of Automatic Tire Detection System
11196 Abdullah Mohamed Nasser Al Ismaili BSMT Design and Development of Robolift for warehouse
11222 Amani Nasib Saleh Nasib Al-Mukhaini BSMT Anti-Collision System for Vehicles Traveling in Dense Fog
11223 Marwa Ali Ahmed Saiwed Alshehhi BSMT Design, modeling and Implementation of Safety bus System
11309 Fatma Darwish Qasim Alhamdani BSMT Automation Door Lock System Using Wi-FY
11368 Samar Said Khamis Muslem Al Mandhari BSMT Design and Modeling of Control System for Defensive Driving Simulation
11458 Saleh Saleem `Abdallah Al-Toubi BSMT Design and Fabricating of Solar Dates Dryer
11574 Aliya Sulaiman Ali Al Busaidi BSMT Solar Powered Lawn Mower
11630 Mirza Gazanffar Ali BSMT Design & Machining of Mild Steel Stirrer for Casting Process
111026 Nouman Naseer BSMT Design and Fabrication of Micro controller based Electro Pneumatic System for Bending Aluminum Sheets
121057 Al Nadhir Mezouar BSMT Development of Wearable Lower Limb Exoskeleton
7045 Khamis Salim Khamis Al Alawi BSPOM Converting automobile exhaust in to electrical power
7783 Azzan Rajab Salim Al Bulushi BSPOM Development of Lubricant/Cooling for Stuffing Box Packing for Beam Pump Unit
8514 Saif Nasser Sulaiman Al - Habsi BSPOM Study on the repairs and maintenance of various valves in Oman Gas Company Nimr Compressor station.
9214 Hanan Said Mohammed Al Sharji BSPOM Designing of gas sweetening unit (GSU( using amine solution from the natural gas
9586 Yousuf Said Mohamed Al Hadi BSPOM Generate steam of injection from produced water
9661 Abdul Rahim Nasser Sulaiman Al Kiyumi BSPOM Reduction and Minimization of Water Consumption in Home and Its Design
10095 Maryam Abdallah Ali Al Dahmashi BSPOM Design of Polypropylene Plant for high capacity ( 3000kg/hr)
10286 Said Saud Said Al Sabahi BSPOM Design water purification device under omani standards
11001 Hudhaifa Sabri Khalifa Al Sulaimani BSPOM Extraction of Benzene from plant yield using Rapid thermal process (RTP)
11002 Buthaina Habib Nasser Al Rahbi BSPOM To extract the caffeine from waist (remains) coffee and tea
11008 Ahmed Hamed Abdullah Al Mahrouqi BSPOM Comparative study of wastewater treatment combined-system using natural material with biosand filter (BSF)
11011 Humaid Said Rashid Al Subhi BSPOM Study to enhance heat transfer efficiency in double pipe heat exchanger using fins
11033 Turki Said Abdullah Said Al Subhi BSPOM Application of Solar Photocatalysis for Wastewater Treatment using TiO Nanoparticles
11043 Nabhan Saif Nabhan Al Rawahi BSPOM Investigation on influence of surfactants on the properties of protective coatings coated with nano additives
11050 Sara Mohamed Humaid Al Jabri BSPOM An Experimental study on perfumery oil from lemon grass.
11056 Ibrahim Mubarak Fael Al Hamdani BSPOM Comparative analysis of Jojoba oil extraction for Pharmaceutical application
11060 Afara Moosa Ali Al Balushi BSPOM Extraction of Caffeine from tea leaves
11065 Khamis Salim Khamis Salim Al Jadidi BSPOM Refinery wastewater treatment using natural coagulants.
11072 Thuraiya Khalfan Mohamed Al Battashi BSPOM Drying studies on fruits using tray and solar dryer
11084 Maryam Said Salim Al Wahaibi BSPOM Experimental studies on degradation of Organic substance for the conversion of brackish water into drinking water using Solar Photocatalysis.
11091 Fatema Mohammed Fadhil Al Mansuri BSPOM Extraction green fuel from bio-mass (algae) using RTP technology system
11093 Athari Khamis Said Al Badi BSPOM Removal of organic pollutants in aerobic wastewater treatment processes
11121 Hanadi Ahmed Khalifa Salim Al Nasri BSPOM Removal of Zn from industrial wastewater using date pits
11130 Muna Abdullah Ali Al Mashari BSPOM Characterization and Photocatalytic treatment of oil produced water using TiO2
11147 Mooza Nasser Ali Said Al Jardani BSPOM Production of active carbon by recycling of plant yield (Palm fronds)
11149 Al Yas Samir Aamir Mohammed Al Nasseri BSPOM solar Absorption cooling system
11154 Zubaida Darwish Dad Mohamed Al Balushi BSPOM Recycling of Plastic Bottles
11162 Badoor Ali Mohammed Al Rusheidi BSPOM Extraction Green Fuel from Bio-mass using Rapid thermal process Technology System
11164 Fatema Rashid Salim Ali Al Mardi BSPOM Extraction of green fuel from biomass (date palm tree)
11187 Salim Hamed Rashid Al Jamri BSPOM Enhancing the performance of oil pipeline through corrosion protection
11204 Buthaina Khalfan Ali Al Subhi BSPOM To study types of corrosion in petroleum pipeline and to estimate the rate of corrosion in different pipe line materials
11217 Mr Marwan Khamis Mohammed Hamed Al Sakiti BSPOM Design and fabrication of a combined system for oil-contaminated wastewater using shredded-tire fiber (STF) and biosand filter(BSF)
11220 Juhaina Saleh Fadhil Al Fori BSPOM Investigation on microbal influenced corrosion on pipes in the sea water
11230 Amira Said Saif Al Wahaibi BSPOM Study the influence of polymer in drilling fluids.
11238 Muzna Juma Said Al Ruqaishi BSPOM Development of protective coatings for LPG Cylinders
11249 Samah Ali Salim Al Mabsali BSPOM Recovery of silver from X ray film with HNO3 stripping
11253 Marwa Saleh Hamed Baalawi BSPOM Extraction of caffeine from cocoa and cola drinks
11254 Ms Noor Al Huda Ali Ahmed Abdullah Al Ansari BSPOM Investigation and characteristics of biodiesel properties
11257 Ibtisam Hamed Khalfan Al Hattali BSPOM Utilizing waste spent catalyst as reinforcement in the production of MMC's
11266 Asma Ali Mohammed Al Abri BSPOM Production of biodiesel from waste chicken fats
11267 Abrar Ali Omar Al Zadjali BSPOM Development of thin film surface coating for reduction of water evaporation
11271 Hajar Issa Ali Abdullah Al Balushi BSPOM Bioplastic from banana peels
11272 Sara Salim Abdallah Al Jabri BSPOM Recovery and Characterization of gold from E-waste collected from Caledonian College of Engineering
11273 Inshirah Ahmed Mohammed Al Maskari BSPOM Anaerobic co- digestion of food waste along with slaughter house fat
11279 Abtihal Khalid Omar Al Zadjali BSPOM Plastic Recycling to produce fuel
11298 Noora Malik Saif Al Kharusi BSPOM Analyses of bottled drinking water and comparison with the standard of Oman
11299 Safa Sulaiman Saud Al Rahbi BSPOM Removal of toxic metal from industrial wastewater using pumpkin
11303 Mona Mohammed Shihab Hamed Al Balushi BSPOM Extraction of gold from E waste
11304 Afra Mohammed Shihab Hamed Al Balushi BSPOM Extraction of furfural from date palm using rapid thermal process
11334 Sheikha Saif Salim Al Shahaibi BSPOM Drying of strawberry with oven by dehydrating method
11335 Muzna Abdullah Masaaod Al Jadeedi BSPOM Comparative studies for production of biodiesel from date seeds and sugarcane bagasse
11339 Ghanim Salim Obaid Al Handasi BSPOM Study and Analysis of leaking inspection in Oil/Gas Pipeline.
11340 Musaab Hamood Sulaiman Saif Al Rumhi BSPOM Design and fabrication of bending machine
11364 Turkiya Ahmed Nasser Al Amri BSPOM Solar photo catalytic treatment of oil produced water
11404 Hajar Sulaiman Mohammed Al Balushi BSPOM Gas Leakage Detection System
11436 Said Salim Said Al Toobi BSPOM Design and fabrication of greywater treatment system using combined electrolytic cell (EC) and Bio-sand filter (BSF).
11443 Aws Sadoon Mohammed BSPOM Simulation study of finned double pipe heat exchanger
11461 Juhaina Jasim Mohamed Al Farsi BSPOM Synthesis of activated carbon using orange and lemon peel for waste water treatment application
11479 Sausan Muhalab Omar Al Zubaidi BSPOM Treatment of washing water in vegetable oil refining industry using Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor
11485 Zainab Pir Bakhsh Shambeh Al Bulushi BSPOM Design and Fabrication of Floor Cleaning Device
11545 Asmahan Salim Khamis Al Kharusi BSPOM Activated carbon made from camel dung as adsorbing agent to remove chloride Cl,Zinc (Zn)and calcium(Ca)
11551 Reem Khamis Ali Al Balushi BSPOM fuel production with green wastes using RTP Method
11601 Nasser Khamis Salim Al Tamtami BSPOM Corrosion Inhibition of A106-CS piping used in crude oil flow lines.
11602 Yousuf Sulaiman Said Al Haji BSPOM Prediction of wax formation in crude oil pipe line and how to prevent it.
11646 Hassan Pasha Muhammad Aijaz BSPOM Characterization of Low E glass to improve the filtration capacity from solar radiation
111129 Faris Ahmed Amur Al Masruri BSPOM New Distillation method of Sohar refinery
120362 Manal Hamed Said Hamood Al Busaidi BSPOM Design and fabrication of solar assisted overhead tank water conditioning system
120577 Bashayar Yaqoub Yousuf Al Farsi BSPOM Studies on additives to moringa seeds for wastewater treatment
7054 Saoud Hamed Salim Al Shabibi BSPOM Elimination of mixture of water and oil by using emulsifier
8083 Hajar Ibrahim Abdul Rahim Al Balushi BSPOM A Pilot study on the cleaner production assessment of oil and gas industry in Oman
9365 Khalid Abdullah Salim Al Bahri BSPOM Waste to energy using microbial fuel cell
10058 Waleed Shitait Obaid Al Habsi BSPOM Study on the increase in production of urea in OMIFCO in Oman
10076 Zahir Mohammed Salim Al Hashmi BSPOM A comparative Analysis of adsorption techniques for removal of pollutants from waste water
10233 Rudain Jaffar Sadiq Al Hooti BSPOM Refinery waste water treatment using TiO2, ZnO, PbO for removal of phenol
10359 Faisal Abdullah Rashid Al Madailwi BSPOM A cost effective treatment of industrial effluent using electrocoagulation technique
10386 Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed Al Quwaitai BSPOM Flaring Management and reduction in hydrocarbon industries (Oman LNG)
10417 Ahlam Mohammed Fadhil Al Zadjali BSPOM Removal of COD and color from textile mill waste water using watermelon activated carbon
10456 Ahmed Mohamed Harith Al Nabhani BSPOM Domestic water treatment
10466 Azan Mohammed Saif Al Rashdi BSPOM Primary crude oil filter using natural media
10519 Sharifa Ali Mohammed Al Jilani BSPOM Removal of fluoride ions from water using watermelon activated carbon
11581 Ali Salim Hamood Al Suleimani BSPOM Design and development of cooling tower with packed using soalr energy
11586 Said Humaid Salim Al Aasmi BSPOM Recycling of defective membranes in domestic reverse osmosis system
111090 Khalsa Said Nasser Al Kharusi BSPOM Cleaner production assessment of a small scale brick factory in Al Suwaiq, Oman
111100 Khalfan Khalifa Hamood Al Busaidi BSPOM Design and development of cooling tower with shelves using solar energy
111119 Islam Abdel Rahman BSPOM Drying Studies using solar prototype and tray dryer

Year 2014 - 15

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
6524 Al Fadhal Abdullah Humaid Al Harthy BSPOM Corrosion protection of steel lines used in oil and gas industry.
6526 Yusuf Sulaiman Mohammed Al Kharusi BSPOM Performance analysis of oil separator at Nimr Oil Field.
7051 Hilal Hamed Khamis Al Majarafi BSPOM Design of efficient heating system for waste/used oil.
7639 Said Maktoom Jabir Al Hinai BSPOM Utilization of solar energy to generate electricity for household activities and share electricity with grid.
7736 Jihad Khalifa Wahab Al Amri BSPOM Experimental studies on drilling rig using solar power system
8103 Abdullah Rashid Salim Al Musheifri BSPOM Design of polypropylene plant of capacity 30000 Kg/hr
8403 Masoud Said Shinoon Al Hashmi BSPOM Design of pipeline for additional LACT Unit in Daleel petroleum LLC
8442 Majid Amur Said Al Musalmi BSPOM Design of Solar Power Equipment
8449 Hamed Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuaili BSPOM Extraction of methane from waste
9045 Faisal Ali Hamed Al Sulaimani BSPOM Oil, Water and Gas Pressure Vessel Separator
9183 Khulood Saif Mubarak Al Hinai BSPOM Investigations on influence of nano additive on corrosion behavior of protective coating.
9213 Malik Saif Salim Al Hinai BSPOM Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment by using chitosan.
9236 Maryam Ali Khamis Al Hashar BSPOM Recycling lead-acid batteries to make solar cell.
9263 Rihab Mohamed Salim Al Hinai BSPOM Treatment of seawater by using photocatalysis or advanced oxidation
9314 Faisal Nuaaman Hamood Al Naamani BSPOM Design and analysis of oil pipeline for Sohar-Mina Al Fahal Project
9339 Ahmed Salim Saif Al Ghammari BSPOM Study of corrosion in crude oil transfer lines.
9371 Sulaiman Mohammed Sarahan Al Habsi BSPOM Study, Design and Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger.
9528 Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Al Balushi BSPOM Solar photocatalytic degradation of organic substances in seawater.
9540 Omar Nooruddin Abdullah Al Farsi BSPOM Fabrication of Ion Exchanger Unit.
9561 Rasha Rashid Said Al Hinaai BSPOM Development of a Portable Waste Water Plant Model for agriculture application
9588 Maryam Maqbool Habib Al Balushi BSPOM Adsorption of ferrous from waste water using peanut shell as activated carbon
9597 Badar Mohamed Salim Al Hinai BSPOM Domestic and Industrial waste water treatment using cactus and bio sand filter
10005 Fatema Salim Rashid Ali Al Kalbani BSPOM Extraction of Bio-Oil by pyrolysis from date seed
10011 Murooj Nasser Saif Al Kiyumi BSPOM Treatment of oil contaminated water by separation method.
10019 Khaloud Ali Mohammed Al Ajmi BSPOM Recovery of used engine oil by solvent extraction.
10021 Murshid Abdullah Khamis Al Mamari BSPOM Development of Portable box type cooler for instant cooling
10024 Samira Mohammed Khamis Al Mashrafi BSPOM Treatment of waste water using environmental friendly adsorbent.
10052 Marwah Mohammed Rashid Al Maqbali BSPOM Study on removal of copper from aqua solution using natural biochar
10071 Hamood Hamdan Salim Al Suleimani BSPOM Emergency desalination unit.
10113 Hajar Mohammed Rashid Al Mamari BSPOM Study of removal of dye from textile waste water using date seed
10115 Nawal Abdallah Khamis Al Hashimi BSPOM Recycling of glass for production of building material
10116 Haitham Saif Said Al Habsi BSPOM Comparative analysis between wind and solar energy in Oman.
10136 Mazoon Badar Nasser Ambusaidi BSPOM Experimental study on domestic wastewater treatment using solar energy.
10151 Hamood Hilal Said Al Nahdi BSPOM A comparative analysis of adsorption techniques for removal of pollutant from wastewater.
10178 Lamya Marthad Sulaiman Al Bahlani BSPOM Design of Methanol Plant.
10179 Maisa Hamed Hamood Al Sabahi BSPOM Waste Water Treatment
10235 Khadija Saif Hashim Al Hashmi BSPOM Comparative study of photodegradation of seawater by using TiO2 and ZnO2
10265 Najib Talal Nasser Al Ismaili BSPOM Forced convection drying of partially dehydrated banana slices using flat plate collector.
10288 Maryam Hamed Said Al Musallami BSPOM Performance analysis of oven drying for papaya.
10291 Mohammed Hussein Saleh Al Amri BSPOM Application of solar photocatalysis for wastewater treatment using ZnO Nanoparticles
10400 Ahoud Ali Said Al Darmaki BSPOM Removal of heavy metals ions from industrial wastewater by bark of dates as adsorbent.
10495 Al Yaqadhan Saleh Salim Al Rashdi BSPOM Study of feasibility of production of bio-fuel from date palm.
10496 Zeinab Osman El Awad Salman BSPOM Plastic waste conversion into useful fuels using - pyrolysis
10500 Mohammed Salim Humaid Al Mahmoodi BSPOM Study the performance of heavy crude oil pipelines under corrosion.
10504 Safiya Said Ahmed Al Shezawi BSPOM Extraction of frankincense essential oil by steam distillation
10509 Abir Khamis Salim Al Rahbi BSPOM Comparative water quantity assessment of a filtered and unfiltered ground water used in a farmland in Oman.
10516 Shahira Khasaib Khalifa Saed Al Bakkari BSPOM Study on impact of red tide to desalination plant.
10569 Yaqoob Sulaiyam Ahmed Al Rashdi BSPOM Vibration analysis of fin fan cooler
11570 Enaam Saleh Ghaneem Al Rahbi BSPOM Tires recycling to produce useful products.
11604 Abdul Malik Mubarak Mabrook Al Nabhani BSPOM Design and implementation of speed and positioning sensing system for industrial application.
5006 Mohamed Hamood Mohamed Al Amri CAME Study of Power Loss Electrical Network and Evaluatin of Alternate Energy Sources
8779 Sultan Mohammed Sulaiyam Al Mazidi CAME Design and Development of Electro Mechanical trolley
9149 Assad Marhoon Salim Al Riyami CAME Design and Fabrication of Automobile Crane
9178 Mahfoodh Khusaif Al Saadi CAME A bicycle Powered Blender (Design and Fabrication)
9205 Riyadh Hamad Saif Al Subhi CAME Experimental Study On Thermo-Physical Properties of Contaminated Engine Oil
9243 Salim Mubarak Mohammed Al Ma`Mari CAME Design and Fabrication of Falaj Turbine
9382 Said Hilal Saleh Al Abbadi CAME Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus
9392 Mohamed Saif Bil Arab Al Battashi CAME Developing Self-Cleaning Tio-Based Nano Coating on Polymer based Membranes used in Oman Waste Water Treatment Plant
9420 Abdullah Salim Abdullah Al Nadabi CAME Physical Damage Prevention System for Poly-Olefin Membranes Used in STP
9465 Hashar Said Mohammed Salim Al Yahyaai CAME Automatic Water Level Controller
9711 Mohammed Al Khaleel CAME Fabrication of Cooking Gas Cylinder Lifter
9725 Khamis Hamdan Salim Al Khawaldi CAME Synthesis and Development of Material Transporting Vehicle
10173 Islam Waleed Hasan Al Nazzal CAME Performance Study on ECO Friendly Sterling Engine
10448 Mohammed Tofeeq Butt CAME Failure Analysis of Automobile Part Using FMEA Tool
10484 Muhammad Muneeb Fakhar CAME Design and Fabrication of Multiple Adjustable LUG Wrench
10508 Abdul Aziz Ali Masoud Kuraish Al Alawi CAME Study the Performance of the Drill Bit Used in the Oil Well
10539 Hamed Zahir Zahran Al Busaidi CAME Lifter for Water Cooler Bottles
11546 Khalid Ali Nasser Al Harrasi CAME Analysis of Stress Concentration Factor for Orthotropic and non-orthotropic Plate for Steel/Aluminum Using ANSYS
11607 Faisal `Abdullah Rashid Al Darmaki CAME Tubing Stress Analysis
6084 Maythaa Abdullah Mohammed Al Jabri MT Design and simulation of 2T Engine crane
6239 Mr Abdulbary Abubakar Zein Al Zubaidi MT Design and Development of Half bridge inverters topologies to cooker induction heating
7129 Saleem Salim Saeed Al Wahiebi MT Design and Development of Evaporative air cooler
9053 Salma Salim Juma Al Hajri MT Intelligent Accident prevention system
9131 Mohamed Yousuf Juma Al Zadjali MT Design development of smart flow meter
9160 Mohamed Ali Mohamed Al Balushi MT Autonomous gluing Robot
9294 Fatma Nasser Ali Al Alawi MT Estimation and cost analysis of photovoltaic cells in residential buildings for water pumps
9568 Sloum Salim Sloum Al Shukery MT Android application in car control
9639 Emad Hammad Humaid Al Hadifi MT Automatic control device
10029 Aisha Mubarak Khamis Mariud Al Araimi MT Glasses for the Blind people
10053 Amjad Abdullah Mohammed Al-Breiki MT Simulation of planner Mechanism
10068 Ammar Ali Said Al Amrani MT Design and Develop two wheeler using inverted pendulum method
10098 Fatema Said Ali Al Ajmi MT Analysis of force related to design parameters in glass reinforced epoxy resin pipe using strain gauges
10121 Nuzhaa Ali Rashid Al Kindi MT Develop a system for automatic inspection of machined components using machine vision principle
10138 As`Ad Saed Masoud Al Rumaidhi MT Tracking mechanism for solar parabolic concentrator
10195 Sultan Ali Salim Al Naaimi MT Reducing accidents in blind roads using sensors
10262 Thoraya juna sinam Al sabti MT Design and Development of an electronic controller unit for a car
10303 Abdul Rahman Nasser Al Abd Al Rasbi MT Smartbath using Arduino Microcontroller
10349 Nasra Hamed Salim Al-Harthi MT Design and Development of Automatic Temperature control system for solar panel
10399 Shika Khamis Khalifa Al Handasi MT Influence of environmental factors on pipe production plant in United Gulf manufacturing (In Rusayl)
10414 Hafsa Jamal Abdul Karim Al Hooti MT Case Study on Geothermal pump system
10424 Khaloud Khamis Said Al Bekari MT Study of the Automatic generator used for heneral hospital
10471 Syed Adeel Ahmed Shah MT Heat Ventilation Air conditioning system automatically controlled by motor control center
10482 Sulaiman Salim Saif Alghadani MT Design and fabrication of stationary bike for health exercise and generate power
11450 Syed Haitham Hasan MT Modeling and simulation of oil hydraulic braking systems
11529 Mr Talal Hamed Said Al Saidi MT Design of Electro chlorination system in Al khoud reservoir
11592 Mr Talal Abdul Monem Masaaod Al Abri MT Investigation of mechanical seal failures in water disposal pumps
111138 Omar Khalaf Mohamed Al Jabri MT Design and Development of a Huma Prothetic Arm Assisted Device
120661 Sami Hamed Said Al Fahdi MT Study the causes of tripping steam generator with recommended solutions

Year 2013 - 14

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
5202 Hilal Saif Salim Al Riyami CAME Evaluation of the Water Losses through DMA
8201 Yousuf Ali Saud Al Toubi CAME Investigation and standardization of Slips Design in Rigs
8404 Mohamed Sulaiman Mohamed Al Battashi CAME The Study of Effect in Changing Geometric Dimensions of an Impeller Design on the Performance of Centrifugal PUMP
8915 Saleh Alnooh Mubarak CAME Design Automatic of Firefighting System
9013 Maryam Mansoor Al Rashdi CAME Thermal Analysis of TIG Welded Aluminum Joints
9017 Said Musallam Ali Al Masahli CAME Study on Effective Utilization of Waste Thermal Energy in ORPIC and design of Condenser for the proposed 3.5 MW Power Plant
9042 Waleed Rashid Said Al Mamari CAME Design A robotic Arm Capable of Handing and Lifting Materials
9083 Said Ali Said Al Shanfari CAME Determination of Stress Concentration Factor for Orthotropic Plate Using Design Software
9125 Amr Ali Hamood Al Tuhami(Discontinued On 28/9/05) CAME Fabrication and Testing of Hub Wheel Technology
9217 Abdul Ghafoor Mohammed Haji Al Balushi CAME Bearing Estimation of Friction in Ball Bearing and Static Magnetic Bearing Using the designed and Fabrication Step
9244 Rashid Said Muftah Al Alawi CAME Effect of Force and Rope Length on the Sway of Gantry erane
9286 Alla Murad Hassan Al Balushi CAME Experimental Study On Design and Analysis Aspect at Crankshaft
9337 Abdullah Sultan Salim Al Masoudi CAME Design and Structural Analysis of Crude Oil Pipe
9362 Asif Muhammad Navab CAME Design of Foldable Solar Collector For Solar Cooker
9405 Talal Mohammed Abdullah Al Hinai CAME Fabrication and installation of Electrical Car Jack
9406 Badar Abdullah Khalfan Al Nadabi CAME Design and Fabrication of Automated Painting System for Buildings
9407 Moosa Abdulllah Said Al Khayari CAME Design and Development of Remoteoperated Climbing Chair for Physically Challenge People
9416 Ahmed Salim Hassan Ba Alawi CAME Fan Powered by solar Energy for Cooling
9471 Saif Ahmed Saad Al Junaibi CAME Gas Turbine Bearing Fault Detection Using Vibration Analysis
9494 Sheroze Gul CAME compressed Air Vehicle Prototype
9641 Jaifer Sulaiman Hamed Al Adwani CAME Design and Fabrication Hybrid Power Electrical Kart for Special People
9722 Osama Mazhar CAME Structural Design and Analysis of Chassis for and Energy Efficient Car
10020 Mohammed Omar Mohammed Al Siyabi CAME Study Performance of 4x4 E-Locked Car Differential
10280 Muntashir Mohammed Razzak CAME Design and analysis of Power - Plant for Energy - Efficient Electric Car
10573 Husam Mohamed Hilal Al Sabri CAME Design and analysis of Flare Gas Recovery for Oil and Gas Station
3282 Mazin Musallam Saleem Al Rahbi MT Dimension of turbine blade design
8113 Raqiya Hamed Nasser Al Siyabi MT Implementation of statistical process and process capability analysis in Oman filters industry co.
8393 Hussain Ibrahim Janki Al Ajmi MT Design and development of PLC controlled solar energy tracker system
8460 Naser Harib Sulaiman Al Nabhani MT Robotic Arm synchronize with Human Arm using Bio sensors
8876 Tamir Salim Musallam Al Amri MT Airbus A 320 Engine management system- A case study
9008 Aida Salim Ali Al Shekaili MT Design and fabrication of advanced electronics packing system in shopping malls
9029 Jamal Khalfan Hamed Al Busaidi MT Design of solar operated water pumping and level sensor system
9102 Mahmood Ahmed Said Al Ismaili MT Design and Fabrication of smart security system (sss)
9145 Rabab Abdullah Nasser Al Maqbali MT Design and Development of motorized trolley
9206 Khalifa Abdullah Khamis Al Hashmi MT Design and Development of (LPG) gas detector and sending message to mobile phone
9267 Hashim Salim Hamed Al Ghazali MT Rescue Robot- searching robot
9323 Iman Mohamed Haider Al Bulushi MT Design and Development of Automatic cleaning system for building
9389 Muhannad Rashid Mohammed Al Rahaili MT Design and Fabrication of smart parking system for bicycle
9547 Khamis Saleh Salim Al Saadi MT Smart door lock system
9595 Samira Abdullah Saleh Al Naamani MT Improved library auto-controlling system for bar coded books
10036 Krishnan Prasannan MT Design and Fabrication of semi-autonomous robot
10037 Jim Jose MT Design and Development of Rapid prototyping machine
10127 Jake Jeremy Veliyath MT Automatic rain operated wiper
10156 Wajahat Latif MT Design and Development of Quadricopter
10163 Atul Verghese MT Home control and Automation system
10273 Sayed Mohammed Imtiyaz Ur Rasool MT Automatic wireless Remote controlled Jack
8118 Jaafar Mohammed Salmeen Al Ajmi BSPOM Pneumatic Can Crusher
8470 Sharifa Salim Mubarak Al Noumani BSPOM Drying Studies for Leafy Vegetables
8702 Ismail Saif Shaikhan Al Aghbari BSPOM Removal of Ammonia from Waste water
8778 Mohammed Abdullah Nasser Al Shukaili BSPOM Effluent Treatment in Pharmaceutical Industry using Chitosan
8807 Laila Abdul Karim Yousuf Al Bulushi BSPOM Study on pitting corrosion of SS316, SS304, SS410, DSS2205 and CSA53 in HCL and NH4CL
8935 Ghaith Matar Khalfan Al Hinai BSPOM Treatment of Waste Water from Oil Industry by Using Advance Oxidation or Photo Catalysis
9034 Fatema Mohammed Rashid Al Maqbali BSPOM Used Dry Cell Battery Recycling System
9036 Amira Said Khalfan Al Jahdhami BSPOM Feasibility Study and Analysis for the Extraction of Oil from Caraway Seed
9057 Mohammed Saif Jamil Al Jaradi BSPOM Study and Analysis of application of Wind Energy in Oman
9067 Aftikhar Hassan Khalfan Al Shabibi BSPOM Extraction of Benzene from Green Waste by using Rapid Thermal Process (RTP)
9123 Safa Said Abdullah Al Jabri BSPOM Used Fluorescent Lamp Recycling System
9135 Sulaiman Khalifa Saif Al Adawi BSPOM Vibration diagnosis approach to industrial gas turbine and failure analysis
9136 Mohammed Hamed Mohammed Al Ghafri BSPOM Internal Corrosion Control by Using Chemical Inhibitors
9176 Khlod Khamis Abdullah Al Abri BSPOM Design of Distillation Column for LPG Production
9201 Salim Mohammed Salim Al Mandhari BSPOM Study of Corrosion Inhibition in SS316, SS304 and SS410
9239 Hawraa Masoud Hamad Al Mahrazi BSPOM Experimental Study on the effect of different methods of mixing on convection heat transfer coefficient
9248 Mr Saif Nasser Saif Al Amairi BSPOM Removal of hardness of water by using electricity
9340 Maryam Mohammed Said Al Mamari BSPOM Production of Bio Plastic from Banana Peels
9360 Waleed Yahya Hammad Al Hinai BSPOM Studies on effect of processing condition of weight reduction, water loss and solid gain of osmotic dehydration
9572 Rihab Aullad Ali BSPOM CH4/CO2 Separation using membrane technology
9651 Imaan Hamood Rashid Al Madailwi BSPOM Production of Biodiesel from Vegetable Oil

Year 2011 - 12

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
3024 Khalid Bin Zaid Bin Hashoul Al Jahwari BSPOM Investigations on residual fluid cracker by Atmospheric reactor
5096 Rashid Salim Ahmed Al Rashidy BSPOM Characterization of petroleum crude from Oman oil wells.
6052 Mr Mubarak Al Abed Al Sharki Al Harsousi BSPOM Photo degradation studies for salicyclic acid in TiO2 suspensions
6069 Mr Hamood Salim Saif Al Wahaibi BSPOM Modeling compressible fluid flow into nozzle
6215 Mr Jaber Aqeel Issa Al Fairuz BSPOM Treatment of Oily wastewater using electrocoagulation method
6223 Ms Fatma Hashim Kadhim Al Moosawi BSPOM Study of drying kinetics of fruits using Tray dryer
6341 Buthaina Hamood Ali Al Esry BSPOM Removal of Zinc from wastewater using environmental friendly adsorbents
6466 Mr Khalid Mohamed Sultan Al Hadi BSPOM Increase 10% capacity of MSFDV in Alcobra power and desalination plant through reliability modeling and analysis
6484 Mr Abdul Aziz Khalfan Khamis Al Majrafi BSPOM Experimental investigation on treatment of sewage wastewater
6587 Mr. Ibrahim Zahran Mohamed Al Nabhani BSPOM Wastewater treatment of beverage company using egg shells
6614 Mr. Tariq Ali Mohammed Al Habsi BSPOM Treatability of waste water treatment plant effluent using activated carbon
6634 Mohammed Bin Said Bin Saleh Al Rawahi BSPOM Unsteady state heat transfer to non-newtonian fluids
6635 Mr. Rashid Bin Mohammed Bin Said Al Busaidi BSPOM Experimental studies on Centrifugal pump
7015 Mr Harith Said Sheikhan Al Adawy BSPOM Studies on drying of grains
7016 Mr Mubarak Salim Mubarak Al Ghammari BSPOM Removal of copper from industrial effluent
7022 Humeid Hilal Saif Al Aghbari BSPOM Design of segmental conductive ring electrodes in a stratified
7058 Mr Salim Bin Saif Bin Sultan Al Yarubi BSPOM Energy savings through audit
7063 Kholood Yahya Said Al Kharusi BSPOM Analysis of process control loops for distillation column
7064 Mr Obaid Hamed Mohammed Al Qutiti BSPOM Design of crude distillation process
7070 Ms Rumaitha Saif Khalfan Al Busaidi BSPOM Harvesting rainwater for domestic use
7086 Masooma Mohammed Ibrahim Al Balushi BSPOM Study of contaminants present in wastewater
7088 Mr Ahmed Salim Rashid Al Ghafri BSPOM Potential production of methane from biowaste
7116 Mr Asad Said Hamed Al Gahaffi BSPOM Experimental studies on two-phase flow in heat exchanger
7139 Ms Zainab Jaffer Mohammed Al Ajmi BSPOM Study of IAQ and its effect on health
7152 Tariq Hussain Shahdad Al Raisi BSPOM Educational software: Instrumentation and control applications
7153 Said Bin Khalfan Bin Bader Al Eisry BSPOM Study on COD removal from Gasoline station wastewater
7164 Ghalib Said Mana Sulaiyam Al Kalbani BSPOM Studies on removal of metal from wastewater using photocatalytic technique
7167 Zaher Salim Abdullah Al Abry BSPOM Study on COD Removal from CCE Canteen Wastewater
7191 Mr Salim Hamad Abdullah Al Habsi BSPOM Chiller Compressor Condition Monitoring Using Vibration Analysis
7220 Mr Said Rashid Said Al Alawi BSPOM Analysis of delamination and disband in GrP and aluminum composite structure using infrared thermography
7223 Ms Donia Aamir Hamed Al Sakaiti BSPOM Absorption of methane orange by carbon from fruit peel
7303 Ms Aysha Bin Rashid Bin Khamis Bin Hamid Al Dubari BSPOM Production of heavy metals (Copper) in industrial wastewater using date seeds
7361 Mubarek Rashid Hammid Al Khalili BSPOM Studies on removal of metal from solution using photocatalytic technique
7385 Mohammed Juma Maayathad Al Balushi BSPOM Reliability modeling and analysis of an industrial pump
7402 Moza Abdullah Saleh Al Balushi BSPOM Egg shell as a low cost absorbent from removal of chromium
7403 Mr Tariq Hamoud Saif Al Hashmi BSPOM Enhance The removal of H2S and NH3 in absorption column and estimation of scaling in recovery heat exchanger in Sour water unit
7441 Mr Faisal Abdulaziz Soud Al Musalami BSPOM Process development for toffees from dates by microwave heating
7459 Ms Raiya Saif Nasser Al Hajri BSPOM Potential production of Biogas from fruit and vegetables
7481 Mohammed Said Humaid Al Maqbali BSPOM Probabilistic risk analysis of a compressor (heavy duty)
7506 Khulood Sulaiman Said Al Hasani BSPOM Removal of heavy metal (copper) using egg shell
7527 Munther Ahmed Ali Salmeen Al Naqbi BSPOM Production of biodiesel from waste frying oil using acid catalyst
7640 Haifa Khamis Masood Hamdan Al Hinai BSPOM Evaluation of energy usage and related GHG emission at Caledonian college of engineering in Oman
7658 Mahmoud Nasser Mahfood Al Mawali BSPOM Enhanced Oil recovery in Oman using Steam injection
7685 Mr Salahuddin Mohammed Al Balushi BSPOM Design of heat exchanger
7724 Mr Hassan Shaker Jaffar Al Najjar BSPOM Biodiesel from used frying oil. Variables affecting the yields and characteristics of the biodiesel
7754 Talal Talib Khamis Al Balushi BSPOM Design of reactor for the production of Ammonia
7758 Mr Majed Abdul Aziz Khames Ahmed BSPOM Study on two stage acid/base method used in biodiesel production
7760 Mr Marwan A Aziz Ahmed Al Ali BSPOM Removal of heavy metals using low cost adsorbent
7765 Mr Khalid Shukri Qarooni BSPOM Degradation of methylene blue in TiO2
7790 Mr Sultan Hamed Mohammed Al Rashdi BSPOM Condition monitoring of steam turbine using vibration analysis
7810 Mr Sultan Nasser Freish Al Mahrezi BSPOM Study on water treatment for desalination unit
8016 Najma Ali Sulaiman Al Waily BSPOM Treatment of beverage industry effluent using tea waste
8128 Basil Khalid Abdullah Al Marhoobi BSPOM Removal of turbidity of wastewater using Aluminum electrode by electro coagulation method
8198 Amir Issam Nasr Al Din Mustafa BSPOM Treatment of wastewater by electro coagulation method using iron electrode
8204 Eman Mubarak Ali Abdullah Al Mukhaini BSPOM Kinetic study of drying fruits using tray drier
8378 Sara Adil Mohd Sid Ahmed BSPOM Tea waste as a low cost absorbent for the removal of copper from wastewater
8433 Nagy Nader Naguib Tayab BSPOM Adsorption of heavy metals using natural adsorbents
8566 Ammar Nadheer Khamis Al Bulushi BSPOM Studies on drying of solid

Year 2010 - 11

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
5275 Ms Amira Ali Salim Al Badi BSPOM Design of a binary distillation column based on VLE studies
5335 Ms Manal Mohammed Salim Al Khatri BSPOM Design and simulation for a process of manufacturing acetone
6022 Mr Ahmed Majid Al Shailly BSPOM Diffusivity of moisture in grains during drying
6037 Ms Asila Abdullah Al Shueli BSPOM Experimental investigation on the treatment of Industrial Effluent
6064 Mr Haitham Mohammed Abdallah Al Zadjali BSPOM Design of control loops of equipment’s in the crude distillation process
6078 Ms Huwaida Ali Subaih Al Dhawi BSPOM Industrial project
6081 Mr Jaber Zaid Ali Al Shamsi BSPOM Solar water heater
6124 Mr Sulaiman Said Sulaiman Al Alawi BSPOM Unsteady state heat transfer in Non-newtonian fluids
6137 Mr Mashal Madhafar Zayid Al Mandhari BSPOM Experimental investigation of Trans esterification of waste vegetable oil using potassium hydroxide catalyst
6138 Mr Hamed Abdullah Hamood Al Manji BSPOM Experimental study on converting waste vegetable oil into biodiesel using NaOH catalyst
6142 Mr. Moqatil Ali Mohammed Al Kalbani BSPOM Experimental investigation of producing biodiesel from edible oils
6171 Mr Nadir Saleh Saif Nasser Al Yahyai BSPOM Design of wastewater treatment for sewage water
6178 Mr Abdulaziz Abdullah Nabhan Al Amri BSPOM Studies on microwave drying of grains
6179 Mr. Fadhil Al Yaqdhan Sulaiman Al Hinaai BSPOM Studies on the removal of heavy metals from simulated solution by photo catalysis
6200 Mr Al Muhannad Hamad Mohammed Al Bahri BSPOM Study of enhanced oil recovery by CO2 injection in Oman oil fields
6234 Mr Hamed Salim Hamed Salim Al Khatri BSPOM Studies on photo catalytic degradation of organics from synthetic wastewater in a recirculation system
6257 Mr Asim Abdul Majeed Ghulam Rasool Al Zadjali BSPOM Reduction of COD by adsorption techniques
6266 Ms Sally Aziz Said Al Zakwani BSPOM Adsorption of Cr (VI) by a low cost adsorbent
6291 Ms Aisha Rashid Said Al Hashmi BSPOM Dairy wastewater treatment
6301 Ms Hanaa Saif Abdullah Al Sumri BSPOM Dye degradation using polyelectrolytes
6316 Mr Said Ali Said Al Shibli BSPOM Adsorption studies using date seeds
6322 Ms Ibtisam Said Salim Al Battashi BSPOM Design of 200 TPD production of acetic acid
6329 Mr Said Hamed Rashid Al Oraimi BSPOM Effect of manufacturing accuracy on blade performance in steam turbine
6503 Ms Laila Saif Masoud Al Mabsali BSPOM Process development for Liquefaction of micro algae
6543 Mr. Mohammed Saif Abdallah Al Dhaly BSPOM Fluid flow analysis in Nozzle
6614 Mr. Tariq Ali Mohammed Al Habsi BSPOM Treatability of waste water treatment plant effluent using activated carbon
6633 Mr. Suleiman Abdullah Nasser Al Kindy BSPOM Gas sweetening
7111 Mr Haitham Abdullah Nasser Al Nadabi BSPOM Failure analysis of Instrumental air compressor
7132 Mr Aziz Mohammed Hamed Al Amri BSPOM Design, selection, installation, calibration and maintenance of gas monitoring systems in Oil and gas industries
7150 Mr Aref Ghassan Baz BSPOM Manufacture of biodiesel using acid catalyst
7161 Mr Saif Sulaiman Saif Al Hosni BSPOM Fabrication and analysis of solar still by using photo catalyst
7250 Mr Sulaiman Humaid Hassan Al Naamany BSPOM VLE studies for ethyl acetate – benzene binary system
7386 Mr Talal Yasser Abdullah Al Haddabi BSPOM Design considerations for actuators and control valves used for liquid, gas and solid phases
7389 Mr Asad Mohamed Abdullah Al Balushi BSPOM Reliability modeling and analysis of a flash gas compressor
7404 Mr Sameer Nasser Salim Al Lamki BSPOM Steam injection to enhance oil recovery in oman oil field
7470 Mr Mohammed Essa Mohammed Al Yahyai BSPOM Process Analysis in Potable water treatment plant
7561 Mr Mina Emad Aziz Takla BSPOM Theoretical study of phenol production from cumene

Year 2009 - 10

Student No Student Name Programme Project Title
2294 Waleed Hamed Ali Al Hashmi BSPOM Production of methyl tertiary buty ether
2408 Jamal Rashid Ali Al Hattali BSPOM Maintenance management of drinking water network at public authority for electricity and water directorate general for water at maintenance section of Seeb, Oman
2432 Salim Abdullah Said Al Shuaili BSPOM Scale up design of wastewater treatment plant for domestic sewage
3402 Khalid Said Saif Hamud Al Shaqsy BSPOM Engineering studies on microwave drying of dates
4183 Issa Rashid Al Sahi BSPOM A feasibility study on converting the abandoned oil production well into gas injection well
4216 Sabiha Ali Abdullah Al -Oufy BSPOM Photocatalytic degradation of pollutants in gas phase using nanoparticle TiO2
4233 Julanda Ali Habib Al Mawali BSPOM Fabrication of equipments for the solar desalination of by using a photo catalytic and analyzing the characteristics
4266 Ahmed Said Mohammed Al Hajri BSPOM Heavy metal removal studies from water using photocatalytic degradation
5091 Hanan Salim Al Shukaili BSPOM Studies on LLE on Cyclo hexane - acetic acid - water system
5165 Ali Mohsin Tahar Al Ibrahim BSPOM Production of fuel oxygenate as modifier for gasoline to replace NTBE
5181 Ahmed Said Ali Al Noobi BSPOM Studies on Foam bed drying of dates
5224 Majid Said Ahmad Al Mahroqi BSPOM Design of lead sulphate production unit
6023 Hamad Saeed Hamoud Ali Al Mamari BSPOM Design of distillation column for the production of acetaldehyde
6042 Asma Mubarak Obaid Al Breiki BSPOM Removal of heavy metals from paint industry effluent using Rice husk
6198 Abdullah Ali Khalfan Al Badwawi BSPOM Removal of Phenol from wastewater using dates seed carbon
6199 Sharifa Abdullah Sulaiman Al Barwani BSPOM Study on drying kinetics on dates and banana
6206 Zayana Nasser Ahmed Al Rawahi BSPOM Solar drying system for agricultural products
6237 Amor Said Shinoon Al Hashmi BSPOM Effluent treatment in oil processing industry
6274 Yahya Salem Nasir Al Azri BSPOM Designing of drinking water network in Al – khoud, Oman
6281 Suhail Suroor Said Al Hamimi BSPOM Removal of heavy metals from industrial effluent using Chitosan
6349 Mohammed Abdullah Ali Al Suleimani BSPOM To evaluate the performance of the wet gas flow meters at the LNG upstream field
6366 Ishaq Saleh Said Al Busaidi BSPOM Adsorption of methyl orange by saw dust and prediction of break through curves
6406 Abdullah Salim Mohammed Al Alawi BSPOM Determination of pressure drop for heat exchanger in HTU to prevent leakage of tubes and heat loss
6426 Shakir Sultan Harith Al Yarobi BSPOM Solar dryer
6460 Ahmed Said Mohammed Al Battashi BSPOM Design of an odor control systems to absorb ammonia and hydrogen sulphate from domestic sewage in a waste water treatment plant
6579 Hafidh Majid Nasser Ambu Saidi BSPOM Energy audit
7388 Baqir Mohammed Hassan Dawood Al Lawati BSPOM Kinetic studies on organic compounds in a photocatalytic reactor exposed to artificial ultra violet light

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