Research Activities

Sl. No Project title Research Team Funding Agency Total
Project Cost (RO)
Start of the Project Status
1 An investigation of Total Composition of Seawater in
Prof S Feroz (PI) MEDRC 29,000 Jun/08 Completed
2 Application of Solar Energy RO Pre-treatment Process (Phase-I) Prof S Feroz (PI) MEDRC 18,800 Jan/08 Completed
3 Extraction and Separation of Niobium and Tantalum
from Iron Ore
Prof. S. Feroz (PI), Dr.
R. Senthil Kumar, Ms. Shah Jahan
Zoom Steel
2,400 Jan/09 Completed
4 Reliability and Availability Analysis of PLC Systems and Inspections Models for Maintenance at Salalah
Prof K P Ramachandran (PI), Prof. Rizwan, Dr. A.G.Mathew Port of Salalah 5,000 Oct/10 Completed
5 Value Creation from Oil Production water: Pilot Production of Microalgae for the Commercial Production of High-Value
Prof S Feroz (PI) IIC 10,417 Jul/10 Completed
6 Water from Air Dr. K. M. Abubacker (PI), Dr. R. Senthil Kumar, Mr. Ragavesh IIC 85,510 Nov/11 Completed
7 Design and Development of a Portable Crusher Grinding Machine for
Marble and Granite Waste.
Dr. Amuthakkannan (PI), Ms.Bushra Salim Nasser Al Rahbi, Mr. Suresh Babu IIC 29,850 Jun/12 Completed
8 Development of a National Standardization Policy for Omani Manufactured Water Coolers & Air Conditioners (Split Units) Prof. S. Feroz (PI), Prof.
K. P. Ramachandran (Co- Investigator); Mr. J. Varghese (Research
Assistant); Dr.A.G Mathew (Consultant)
IIC 11,800 Nov/12 Completed
9 Standalone Solar Photovoltaic water cooler Prof K P Ramachandran (PI), Prof. Feroz S (Co- Investigator); Mr. J. Varghese (Research Assistant); Dr.A.G
Mathew (Consultant)
IIC 21,260 Nov/12 Completed
10 Characterization and Treatment of Textile Industry Effluents using Nanotechnology Prof. S. Feroz & Ms. Geetha Devi (PI), Dr.Syed Murtuza Ali, IIC 308,975 Dec/12 Completed
11 Critical study and analysis of existing production lines for enhancement of
productivity and efficiency in NCPI- LLC
Dr R.V Murali (PI), Dr K Jaballi, Mr. Suresh Babu IIC 12,825 Mar/13 Completed
12 Application of Solar Nano- Photo Catalysis in Reverse Osmosis Pre-treatment
Prof. S. Feroz (PI) TRC 108,100 Oct/12 Completed
13 Design and Development of Desalination Flash Chamber for Integrating IT with Concentrated Type Solar Collectors Dr. V. Sudhir (PI), Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Prof.S Feroz TRC 146,900 Dec/13 On-going

Internal Funded Project (CRSP – Staff) ‐ 2015/2016

Sl no Title Project Faculty mentor Grant Budget (OMR) Department
1 Experimental investigations on Aerobic Treatment of Industrial Effluents and Models representing the Kinetics of Aerobic Digestion Dr A M Saravanan CRSP (STAFF) 3,400 M&IE

Internal Funded Project (CRSP – Staff) ‐ 2016/2017

Sl no Title Project Faculty mentor Grant Budget (OMR) Department
1 Automatic Fault Detection of Centrifugal Pump using Wavelet Analysis and ANN Mr. Moammer Al-Tubi CRSP (STAFF) 3000 M&IE

Internal Funded Project (CRSP – Student) ‐ 2015/2016

Sl no Title Project Faculty mentor Grant Budget (OMR) Student Details
1 Preparation and Characterization of Polyeletrolyte Nanoparticles Dr. Geetha Devi CRSP [STUDENT] 900 Ibrahim Alsarhani (#11357)
Sanjana (# 120284)
2 Extraction and Analysis of D-
limonene from waste Orange Peels
Dr Saravanan
1,100 Siam Hussain Mohammed Ghouse

Internal Funded Project (CRSP – Student) ‐ 2016/2017

Sl no Title Project Faculty mentor Grant Budget (OMR) Student Details
1 Study on Preparation of Magnetic Nanoparticles in the removal of heavy metals from industrial waste water Dr. Geetha Devi CRSP [STUDENT] 1,050 Ms. Mulook Thani Khamis Al Jabri, Ms. Jawahir .

Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program (FURAP)

Sl. No Project title Staff Mentor Students team Project Amount (RO) Area of the project
1 Development of Solar Cooking System and Its performance and suitability analysis for Oman
domestic application
Dr. Amuthakkannan
  1. Ms. Fatema Al Ajmi (10098)
  2. Ms. Nuzhaa Al Kindi (10121)
  3. Ms. Thoraya Al Salti (10262)
2,310 Solar Energy
2 Development of a wastewater treatment system for household
cleaning water
Ms. Anna Jesil Cheriyan
  1. Ms Zeinab Salman (10496)
  2. Ms. Kulthoom Al Balusi (08722)
  3. Enaam Al Rahbi (11570)
2,400 Wastewater
3 Treatment and Reuse of Domestic grey water using Adsorption method Mr. Varghese Manappallil Joy
  1. Alaa Al Hudaifi (11118)
  2. Sumaiya Al Zadjali (11363)
2,200 Biological & Environmenta l Resources
4 Design and Fabrication of Solar Cabinet Dryer and Kinetic modelling studies for drying
Performance enhancement
Ms. Josephine Selvi
  1. Ahlam Al Zadjali (10417)
  2. Muzna Al Ruqaishi (11238)
  3. Manal Al Busaidi (120362)
2,400 Energy and Industry
5 Development of solar basin desalination for domestic utilization Ms. Shamsa AlSadi / Mr Shabib Sulaiman Ali Al Rashdi
  1. Noor Al Kharusi (11276)
  2. Noor Al Jahwari (120282)
2,300 Biological & Environmenta l Resources
6 Design and development of physical damage prevention system with self-cleaning coatings for membrane filters used in waste water treatment plant Asst.Prof. Elansezhian Rasu
  1. Khadija Al Balushi (08353)
  2. Bushra Al Rahbi (120339)
  3. Sharifa Ali Al Jilani (10519)
  4. Ahlam Al Zadjali (10417)
2,400 Energy & Industry
7 Design and Development of ecofriendly Solar Dryer for Cottage Industries in Oman Asst.Prof. M. Achuthan
  1. Khaloud Al Ajmi (11067)
  2. Muzna Al Harthi (11063)
  3. Abdul Al-Subhi (11027)
  4. Buthaina Al Sabahi (11020)
  5. Fatma Al hamdani (11309)
  6. Kawthar Al Shamsi (11057)
2,380 Energy & Industry
8 Synthesis and Characterization of Unsaturated Polyester based composites using Algae. Asst.Prof. Syed Murtuza Ali S.K
  1. Ms. Zahra Al Shukaili,
  2. Ms. Iman Said Al-Sinaidi
2,300 Energy & Industry
9 Development of anti-corrosive polyurethane coating Dr. Priy Brat Dwivedi.
  1. Ms. Amal Al Rashdi,
  2. Ms. Razan Al Julandani,
  3. Ms. Sabika Al Duraibi ntor,
  4. Ms. Faiha Al Hinai
2,400 Biological & Environmental Resources

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