Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies (Student Chapters)

The MIE Department is enrolled with four Professional Bodies (student chapters). Each chapter has a staff member as the chapter coordinator and student member as the president. The chapters are actively involved in organizing various activities like guest lectures from industry and alumni, workshops, conferences, student competitions etc. to keep the student engaged in professional activities.

  1. ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amuthakannan
    Mr. Fahd Ali Laba H –  ASME Student President Ph: 93389014
    E-mail: Extn: 535

  2. SPE: Society of Petroleum Engineers
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saravanan
    Mr Harith Khalifa Said Al Amry –  SPE Student President
    E-mail: Extn: 527

  3. AIChe: American Institute of Chemical Engineers
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lakkimsetty Nageswar Rao
    Ms. Mariyam Al Balushi –  AIChE Student President
    E-mail: Extn: 524

  4. IMechE: Institute of Mechanical Engineers
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Achuthan Munusamy
    Mr Al Motasim Al Azhar Mohamed Al Battashi, IMehE Student President
    E-mail: | Extn. 535

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