The Department of Mechanical & industrial Engineering has well established the active learning laboratories. These Well-equipped laboratory facilities are available to satisfy the requirements of the practical classes as prescribed for the modules. The various laboratory facilities mentioned below facilitate the students to acquire sound knowledge of theoretical and practical skills & engineering concepts. Apart from the key laboratories facilities listed below, department also make use of some of the common laboratories which are shared across other engineering departments.

1 - CAD/CAM Laboratory

2 - Chemical Analysis Laboratory

3 - Chemical Engineering Laboratory

4 - CNC Laboratory

5 - Dynamics Laboratory

6 - Mechatronics laboratory

7 - Process CAD Laboratory

8 - Unit Operations Laboratory

9 - Workshop

10- Thermal laboratory

11- Mechanics laboratory

12- Heat and Mass Transfer laboratory

13- Fluid Mechanics laboratory

14- Control Engineering laboratory

15- Chemical Project laboratory

16- Automation laboratory

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