Student Projects

The final year project work is the pinnacle of students learning at the undergraduate level. It stands as a testimony for student’s understanding and knowledge of technical aspects of his/her specialization of studies. Students ability to critically analyze a problem and suggest solutions could very well be ascertained from their project work. Also, the work done as reflected in the student’s project report stands as an evidence of student’s skills related to analysis, interpretation, discussion of findings, and out-of-box approaches to solutions. Therefore, it is very important that students pay more attention and time to their projects.

Aim of the module is to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the areas of programme of studies and find solutions for engineering problems. Key Objectives are to enable the student to demonstrate the motivation, initiative and creative thinking, exploring and suggesting engineering solutions and enhancements. The student will accomplish the ability to the translation of relevant theory into engineering solutions to problems and to exhibit the skills on the project planning/management, decision making and leadership. This students accomplish effective oral and written communication of the work undertaken and to develop the students ability to plan and conduct a substantial investigation or task within a limited timescale.

On suNU-CoEssful completion of this module, students should be able to

  • Develop a project proposal and plan of action for accomplishing the objectives envisaged for the project
  • Interpret the objectives of the project in the form of a detailed design and analysis
  • Bring together newly-acquired knowledge in an interactive manner.
  • Model/Simulate/implement the designed system
  • Verify/ Validate design and analysis
  • Illustrate the technological solutions to a real world problem. Test and validate the system for various test cases
  • Produce a technical report in compliance with Quality Standards for Project Report(s)
  • Demonstrate motivation, initiative and creative thinking and
  • Demonstrate effective oral, written communication with a appropriate visual aids

Components of Assessment

Components Descirption Schedule Weightage
Coursework 1 Interim Presentation Week 5 15%
Coursework 1 Project Report Week 12 40%
Coursework 1 Final Presentation Week 13 25%
Coursework 1 Technical Paper write-up Week 14 20%

Student Technical Projects Sem B, 2016-2017

No Student Name Program Title
1 Afaf Abdullah Rashid Al Rabiey BENGCO Smart School Management System
2 Jawaher Rashid Shaikhan Al Baddaei BENGCO Smart College Infomation
3 Lamya Said Humaid Al Aashuri BENGCO Summer Training Management System
4 Mansoor Said Mohammed Al Sharji BENGCO Ministry of Housing Mobile Application
5 Nasrin Nasser Mohammed Abdullahh Al Ma`Awali BENGCO Mobile Based Marketing System
6 Shaima Juma Khamis Juma Al Salhi BENGCO NU College graduation project management system
7 Shihab Hussain Mohamed Al Amri BENGCO Private Online Quiz Builder
89 Umang Rajesh Kachrani BENGCO Office 365 based Advanced Administration System for an Organization
10 Wijdan Saud Sulaiman Al Waili BENGCO App for Parking Finder in Muscat
11 Al Warith Awadh Saed Sulaiman Al Abri BENGEIE Deign of Portable 3D Printer Powered by Solar Energy
12 Amira Ali Hamood Al Housni BENGEIE Heuristic Algorithm Assisted Controller Design for MIMO System
13 Fadeela Ali Mohamed Al Matrushi BENGEIE Design A Suitable Controller for Nonlinear Type
Liquid Level Process
14 Jumiaa Abdullah Nasib Al Uraimi BENGEIE Hybrid Sensor System to Monitor Humidity and Temperature
15 Mahmood Zahir Ali Saleh Al Sharyani BENGEIE A Voice Robotic Arm to Help Special Needs People
16 Nashwa Juma Khamis Al Awi BENGEIE An Intelligent Security System for Farm Protection from Animals
17 Nawf Abdullah Juma Al Shibli BENGEIE Brain Tumor Segmentation from MRI Dataset using Segmentation Algorithms
18 Ola Mohamed Ali Al Ajmi BENGEIE Design and Implementation of Automatic Vehicle Detection System
19 Rahma Salim Mohammed Sulaiman Al Sulaimi BENGEIE Development of a soft computing tool to segment and analyze retinal image dataset
20 Salwa Abdulla Seif Al Barwani BENGEIE Energy Harvesting from Ambient Electromagnetic Radiations
21 Zainab Zayid Salim Al Rujaibi BENGEIE Eye Monitoring Wheelchair Control
22 Aamir Humaid Sulaiman Al Salami BENGEPE Development of Cooling and Heating Systems in One-Preselect able Tank Unit
23 Abdul Rahim Salim Ali Al Saifi BENGEPE Modelling of 132 KV Overhead Lines Concrete Monopoles with Twin Conductors
24 Abdullah Bati Salim Freish Al Ghafri BENGEPE Using Cars for Street lighting by Piezo Electric Mechanism
25 Adla Salim Saleh Al Kindi BENGEPE Design of Single Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply
26 Ahmed Abdullah Saud Al Shukairi BENGEPE Protection System for Induction Motors
27 Ahmed Salim Amur Al Shanwi BENGEPE Design and Implementation of an Automatic Phase Sequence Changeover System
28 Ahmed Sulaiman Ahmed Al Alawi BENGEPE Design of Exercise Bicycle for Generating Electricity
29 Ali Salim Said Al Abri BENGEPE Smart Energy Saving Classrooms Using IR Sensor
30 Hammad Ali Hammad Al Khayari BENGEPE Design of Sub-Station Grounding System – A case study at PDO and MZEC- Oman
31 Houd Said Abdullah Al Naabi BENGEPE Design of a Portable Solar Power Supply System
32 Leena Ali Aqil Al Farsi BENGEPE Energy Efficient Solar Powered Street Lighting
33 Malik Nasser Abdullah Al Hadidi - BENGEPE Solar Energy Based Irrigation of an Agriculture Farm
34 Mansoor Nasser Hamdan Al Zakwani BENGEPE Design and Development of an Electronic Circuit Breaker
35 Mazin Hamed Khamis Al Hatmi BENGEPE Development of Solar Energy based Automation of Irrigation System
36 Mohamed Khamis Muqaddam Al Wahaibi BENGEPE Self-Switching Power Supply
37 Mr. Omar Hamed Nasser Al Tubi BSEPE Enhanced In-house Farm Irrigation Automation
38 Nasser Sulaiman Nasser Al Riyami BENGEPE Analysis of Power Loss in 11 KV Overhead lines- Case Study
39 Omar Yassir Abdullah Mohamed Al Farsi BENGEPE Radio Wave harvester for Mobile Device Charging
40 Abdul Rahman Sultan Hamed Al Shibli BENGTE GSM Mobile Communication Stopper
41 Abir Saif Rashid Al Shabibi BENGTE Vehicle Theft Detection System with Remote Engine Locking Using GSM And GPS Technology
42 Aida Mansoor Juma Al Riyami BENGTE Remote Control of Electrical Devices Using Wireless Technology GSM
43 Aisha Ahmed Zayid Al Mahrami BENGTE Automatic Lighting System
44 Amira Mohammed Subaa Al Hosni BENGTE Using a RF and GSM Techniques for Condition Monitoring of Hypermarket Goods
45 Ebtihal Khalfan Nasser Al Sauti BENGTE Digitally Controlled Home Automation
46 Ghania Hashil Khalifa Al Balushi BENGTE Design and Implement Car Security System
47 Hajir Hamed Khalfan Al Rawahi BENGTE Smart Baby Bed
48 Hamed Salim Khamis Obaid Al Badi BENGTE Using Sensors for Deaf Persons by GSM Technology, LED and Vibrations
49 Mohammed Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ali BENGTE Design, Implementation and Testing of Temperature Measurement System Inside Oil Rigs
50 Ms Sara Salah Al Din Abdul-Monem Saddiq BENGTE Solar Power Supply ( Power Bank)
51 Nasser Jamal Abdul Hameed Al Kindi BENGTE Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Using Solar System
52 Qais Iqbal Ramadhan Al Maimani BENGTE Smart Medical Band for Monitoring Health Condition of Kids, Elders and Disabled Patients
53 Saif Talib Ali Saif Al Jassasi BENGTE Develop an Alert System for Flood by using GSM Technology
54 Waad Ali Mohammed Habib Al Salim BENGTE Life Safety and Alert System in Wadis
55 Safa Mohammed Issa Al Zakwani BS EE Smart Trash Bin
56 Hashmiya Alawi Mohamed Al Kaaf BS TC Gas Leakage Detection with GSM Notification System
57 Alya Mudhaffar Salim Al Jamaei BSCO Online Portal for Heritage Tourism in Oman
58 Fatma Salim Said Al Badi BSCO Online Shopping Application for a Hypermarket Based on Android Studio Program
59 Shahla Saleh Juma Al Arimia BSCO Laboratory Booking System (LBS)
60 Uhood Ahmed Ayil Al Fazari BSCO Online Mobile Application For Mothers of Infants
61 Awatif Mohammed Ahmed Al Harfi BSEL Smart Safety Shoe for Blind People (SSSFBP)
62 Mohammed Saeed Khalfan Ali Al Kayoomi BSEL Smart Energy Meter
63 Mohammed Rashid Khamis Al Abri BSEL Smart Metering Systems
64 Mohammed Saleh Ibrahim Al Balushi BSEL Smart School Monitoring System
65 Abdallah Mansoor Masood Al Bahri BSEPE Electricity Tampering Detection System
66 Abdul Majeed Sulaiman Juma Al Farsi BSEPE Partial Discharge Studies in Distribution Networks for Condition Monitoring
67 Ahmed Hamed Masoud Al Naabi BSEPE Efficient Energy Management using SMS Technique in Disconnecting Unpaid Bills
68 Ahmed Saif Mohsin Al Ruqaishi BSEPE Power Factor Correction to Compensate Voltage Drop in 11 kv Feeder
69 Ahmed Sulaiman Ali Al Wadhahi BSEPE Design and Development of BLDC Motor Speed Control System
70 Badar Rashid Amor Al Siyabi BSEPE Vehicle Atmosphere Gas Detection and Control
71 Hamood Alhabib Ali Al Khomisi BSEPE Solar Panel Dust Cleaner System for Desert Areas
72 Hamza Saleem Sulaiman Al Khusaibi BSEPE Induction Motor Protection System
73 Ibrahim Ali Obaid Al Sheyadi BSEPE Development of Rob-ocar to collect and Separate Ferro-magnet and Non Metal Dust on Surface
74 Khalid Mubarak Shaikhan Khalfan Al Waili BSEPE Case Study of Electricity Digital Meter Alarm System
75 Khan Arbaz Latif BSEPE Automatic Irrigation System Using Microcontroller And GSM Modem
76 Laith Sultan Khalifa Al Rashdi BSEPE Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor Remotely Controlled by Android Application
77 Mahmood Mohamed Abdullah Al Khamisi BSEPE Arduino based Underground Cable Fault Detection
78 Mahmood Mohammed Sulaiman Al Sharji BSEPE Solar Energy Based Air Condition System for Car
79 Mohammed Ahmed Hamood Al Busaidi BSEPE Wind and Solar Hybrid Power System
80 Nada Saud Nasser Al Hooti BSEPE Window Washing Machine
81 Qais Asim Salim Al Jamoudi BSEPE Case Study on Sultan Qaboos School Solar Project at Al Buraimi
82 Rasha Abdallah Ali Al Raaisi BSEPE Studies on Use of Reactive Power Compensators in Rural Distribution Network in Oman
83 Salim Ali Obaid Al Salhi BSEPE Electrical Distribution Monitoring and Controlling System with Wireless Operation
84 Sami Salam Musad Al Yaarubi BSEPE Design and Implementation of Stepper Motor Controller
85 Saud Badar Saif Al Rawahi BSEPE Simulation of Transient Current Due to Short Circuit in a Transmission Network
86 Shabib Saleh Mohamed Al Naamani BSEPE Case study on Maintenance Schedule in Air Condition System
87 Sulaiman Mubarak Said Al Jadili BSEPE Design and Estimation of Industrial Substation for a Ceramic Industry
88 Zainab Mohamed Sulaiman Al Busaidi BSEPE Automatic Sun Tracking System to Maximize solar Panel Efficiceny
89 Abdulaziz Mubarak Juma Al Ghailani BSTC E-Book for the Public Using Hotspot Technology
90 Afra Rashid Mabrook Al Habsi BSTC Design and Implementation of Automatic Poultry Feeder
91 Ahlam Zuhair Ahmed Al Riyami BSTC Online Monitoring of Crude Oil Carbon Steel Pipeline Condition
92 Amira Muhanna BSTC Smart Stick for the Blind
93 Basma Thani Khalfan Al Hasani BSTC Wireless Mobile Charger with Battery Management System
94 Hana Saleh Hilal Al Obaidani BSTC Mobile Robot Control Using Smart Phone
95 Muzna Saif Khamis Al Rahbi BSTC Smart Safety for School Bus
96 Nashwa Nasser Salim Al Abdul Salam BSTC SIMULATION OF Wireless Sensor Network Topologies Using the Zig-Bee Standard
97 Shatha Mohamed Yousuf Saif Al Zakwani BSTC Home Automation Using ZigBee
98 Yousuf Said Salim Al Rawahi BSTC Child Safety System for Vehicle
99 Sultan Ahmed Said Al Thanawi BSTE Smart Server Cooling System

Student Technical Projects Sem A 2016-2017

No Student Name Program Title
1 Zakya Rabia Jamil Sangoor Al Darai BSCO Smart Medication Reminder System
2 Maythaa Ali Rashid Al Kindi BSCO ONTC Services Android App
3 Zam Zam Fraish Mohammed Al Yahyaie BSCO Muscat Tour Guide
4 Yusra Mubarak Al Aabed Al Noufali BSCO Smart Office Air Quality Management System
5 Asma Mohammed Najim Mohammed Al Alawi BSCO Website for Booking Appoinment in Private Hospitals
6 Athari Saif Salim Al Maqbali BSCO Smart Cafeteria App
7 Ishraq Zahir Ahmed Al Ismaili BSCO Electronic Hanger
8 Halima Mohammed Said Al Amri BSCO Zakat Distribution Application for Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs
9 Khulood Saed Ali Al Saadi BSCO Smart system for controlling Brightness and Colour for TV
10 Aida Rashid Hamdan Al Siyabi BSCO Mobile Application for Medical Information based on Patients Symptoms
11 Mouza Saif Sultan Al Yarabi BSCO Mobile Application for Monitoring Water Desalination System
12 Jawaher Mohammed Saleh Al Shehhi BSCO Online Pharmacy Store System
13 Adil Zayid Mubarak Al Sadi BSCO Smart Speed Braker
14 Sulaiman Ahmed Hamed Al Rashdi BSEL Security System for Museum
15 Wooud Mubarak Al Saadi BSEL Smart Silence Maintaining System in Library
16 Jouwiriya Mohammed Said Abdullah Al Mujaini BSEL Inventory System by using Microcontroller
17 Osaid Waleed Al Nazzal BSEL Electronic Monitoring System for an Industrial Air Compression Unit
18 Bashayar Mohammed Saif Al Harrasi BSEL Automatic Athletic Timer using Ultrasonic Timer
19 Muzna Muslem Salim Al Mahrezi BSEL Robotic Vehicle Controlled by using Hand Movement
20 Badriya Salim Said Al Mashrafi BSEL Class Display Screen by using Microcontroller
21 Salim Said Musallam Harbi Jaddad BSEL FM Transmitter for Local Broadcast
22 Mohammed Issa Saleh Al Farsi BSEPE Design and Development of CuK Convertor for Charging Purpose
23 Alla Ibrahim Yousuf Al Balushi BSEPE Automatic System for Landscape Irrigation
24 Abdullah Khlafan Humaid Al Shuaili BSEPE Case Study of Artificial Lifting Methods
25 Adnan Mohamed Saif Al Rawahi BSEPE Children Car Driven by Solar Energy with Optimized Performance
26 Nabil Mubarak Marhoun Al Jabri BSEPE Intelligent Window Curtain with Automatic Light
27 Saud Nasser Said Al Aufi BSEPE Analysis and Study of Partial Discharge in Transmission Cables
28 Abdulaziz Khalifa Hamed Al Saifi BSEPE Independent Remote Weather Station using Transducers with Solar Panel
29 Ahmed Salim Nasser Al Siyabi BSEPE Performance Analysis of 220kV Transmission Lines with Porcelain and Silicone Rubber Insulators
30 Bilal Abdullah Mubarak Al Rabani BSEPE A Casestudy of the Centralized Condition Monitoring System for 11kV Generator
31 Yousuf Saif Fadhil Al Shaili BSEPE Realtime Power Quality Monitoring using EPDMS
32 Ahmed Nasser Hamed Al Shuaili BSEPE Comparison between Overhead and Underground Lines
33 Waleed Said Mohammed Al Rasbi BSEPE Three Phase Motor Protection
34 Ahmed Rashid Salim Al Badri BSEPE Development of Automatic Controller for Water Pumping Motor for Irrigation System
35 Abdu Latif Said Musabah Al Owaisi BSEPE Highway Traffic Entry Control System
36 Abdul Aziz Harith Said Al Abri BSEPE Design and Development of Security System for School Buses
37 Sulaiman Qaswar Khameis Al Haji BSEPE Smart Auto Transfer Switch
38 Issa Saleh Sufyan Al Rashdi BSEPE Automated Greenhouse Protection Scheme Considering GSM SMS Alarm Model
39 Ali Hamed Ali Salam Al Alawi BSEPE Smart Energy Saving System for Domestic Load
40 Balqees Saleh Marhoon Al Hashmi BSTC Water Quality and Level Control via Cell Phone
41 Shihab Hamed Abdullah Al Alawi BSTC Solar Powered Self Energized Green House
42 Rania Hassan Mohammed BSTC GPS Stick for Visually Impaired
43 Hussein Abdullah Said Al Harthi BSTC Smart Green House System
44 Moza Said Suwaid Hashil Al Owaisi BSTC Design and Development of a Smart Wheel Chair
45 Osama Omar Abdallah Ba Saddiq BSTC Design and Implementation of Automatic Sail System
46 Fahima Said Sarhan Al Habsi BSTC Automatic LED Staircase Lighting using IR Technology
47 Thueriya Sulaiman Ali Saadoun Al Hattali BSTC Ultrasonic Insect Repellant System
48 Tahra Sulaiman Malik Al Shammakhi BSTC Accident Scene Alert Programme (ASAP)
49 Fatma Salim Al Sulaimi BSTC Automatic Tracking of Solar Panels
50 Ghadeer Abbas A Balushi BSTC Mobile Jammer
51 Anwar Saif Salim Saif Al Jardani BSTC Wireless Power Transfer
52 Samah Ali Nasser Al Jardani BSTC RFID based Antitheft Security System for Laboratory

Student Technical Projects 2013-2014

No Student Name Program Title
1 Saud Harib Mansoor Al-Shamsi TC Design and development of car Black box
2 Ahoud Said Amur Al Rahbi TC Industrial controller for temperature and gases
3 Ohood Nasser Abdullah Al Mashari TC Smart bell with intelligent system for deaf and handicapped by using microcontroller
4 Sulaiman Salim Said Al Nayari EE Smart parking monitoring system
5 Al Yasa Ahmed Mohamed Al Rashdi EPE Application of solar power for Horticulture
6 Kamal Khamis Masaaod Al Farsi EPE Design and development of RO plant inlet water filtration
7 Ruba Omar Mohammad Marzouq COE Web Application for charities
8 Ghazi Suhail Bhakit Al Barami EE Portable programmable medication reminder using PIC Microcontroller
9 Qais Mohammed Said Al Shibli EPE Ethernet (HTML) Technology based digital energy meter
10 Nujaima Ali Mohamed Al Sulaimani TC GSM Based ambulance tracking system to monitor the patient’s condition
11 Samah Ahmed Fadhil Al Balushi TC Smart Restaurant ordering system
12 Wafa Hamed Omar Al Amri TC Depth and quantity of the Wadi detector
13 Hamed Hamood Al Rawahi EE Three phase AC power supply design and implementation
14 Ali Adel Sleiman EE Automated safe banking system to reduce road mortality rate.
15 Ahmed Zuhair Abdulameer Al Humairi EE Intelligent car security and information system
16 Najma Abdullah Bahoot Al Balushi COE Housing aids system applications
17 Olaa Ahmed Abdallah Al Aweini COE Android desktop client application
18 Sumaiya Saif Sultan Belarab Al Yarabi TC Smart appointment system for NU-CoE-Faculty
19 Hajer Salim Humaid Ali Al Farsi EE GSM accident notification system
20 Almotaz Bellah Nawaf A.Rahman Al Eliwat TC Hardware and software development of NU-CoE Campus Explorer
21 Maryam Yaqoob Dawood Al Balushi TC GSM based car security system
22 Rajwa Juma Khamis Al Alawi TC Chasing Birds system for Air Craft in Oman
23 Mohammed Juma Hamed Al Mukhaini EPE Energy efficiency in power distribution system.
24 Said Nasser Said Al Naqbi TC Wireless Rash driving Detection.
25 Saif Hamood Said Al Sabhi EPE Starting of 3 phase induction motor with PLC based star- Delta starter
26 Mohammed Said Mahad Al Amri EPE Case Study: Analysis of Standby Power Sub-Station in Muscat Airport for Energy Efficiency
27 Salim Mohammed Khatam Al Shamli EPE Building Management System (BMS) for Fire Station
28 Falah Yaqoob Al Saba Al Hinai EPE Investigation of Temperature Based Failure of PV Panels In Oman And Development of Efficient Protection Scheme
29 Titu Bhowmik Jati Bhowmik EPE Development Protective Scheme for Standalone Solar Power Source.
30 Khalid Salim Rashid Salim Al Musheifri EPE Improvement of Solar Panel Output Power By Using Non-Tracking Mirror
31 Ibrahim Saif Hamood Al Yarabi EPE Using Smart Meter for Prepaid and
Automatic Meter Reading
32 Salim Ahmed Musallam Kashoob EPE Solar Panel Tracker System
33 Rahma Mohammed Hamood Al Akhzami COE Android application for Ministry Of Social Development (MOSD)
34 Mahfoodh Said Khalfan Al Abri EPE Condition Monitoring of 33 kV, 6 MVA Transformer at Mazoon Electricity
Company Co – a case study
35 Sulaiman Abduallah Mohammed Al Ghafri EPE Testing and Evaluation of Smart KWH Meters a Case Study in Mazoon Electricity Company
36 Badar Sulaiman Shaikhan Al-Qassabi EPE Power Factor improvement at Kamah Sub-station (33/11KV) –A Case Study
37 Badar Hamed Mansoor Al Jahdhami EPE Condition Monitoring of XLPE cables using On-line Partial Discharge measurements a case study at GPDCO
38 Ahmed Talib Saleem Al Halhali EPE Commissioning And Testing of New SF6 Circuit Breaker(Case Study of New Grid Station at Ghala)
39 Ali Saleem Salim Al Aamri EPE Effective use Of Mobile Diesel Generator to ensure Power Supply in The Rural Areas of Oman
40 Hamood Hamed Hamood Al Busaidi EPE A Case Study Data Analyses using Smart Meter to Reduce Electrical System Losses
41 Fahad Zayid Khalifa Al Kindi EPE Anti-Theft Security System with Remote Monitoring & Wireless Alert
42 Sanaa Said Hamed Al Zadjali COE Online Appointment System for NU College of Engineering
43 Walid Abdessalem Naceri COE Blood Bank System application
44 Waleed Amer Al-shabibi EPE Load management system using solar energy
45 Hasina Mohammed Saud Al Toubi TC Wireless Patient Heartbeat and Temperature Monitoring System
46 Ghaliya Ahmed Said Al Qarani TC Road Accident Detection System Using GPS and GSM
47 Almotaz Bellah Nawaf A.Rahman Al Eliwat TC Green House Monitoring System
48 Hajir Sulaiman Khalid Al Zakwani TC Smart Car Security System
49 Faiz Khamis Said Al Mahrouqi TC Smart School Attendance Monitoring and Alert System
50 Nabeel Sulaiyam Salim Al Amri EPE Power factor correction to improve voltage drop at 11KV feeder.
51 Khalid Abdullah Salim Al Abri EPE Comparison between underground and overhead cable in IZKI network
52 Mandhr Zayid Mohammed Al Hinaai EPE Power Saving Street Lights using Ultrasonic sensor
53 Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim COE Oman Metro Reservation System
54 Othman Hussein Ali Al Abdul Qader COE Green Cloud Computing Implementation
55 Hajar Saleh Salim Al Hashimi TC Performance evaluation of TCP and UDp under fixed router buffer
56 Nasser Ali Salim Al Abri EE Smart Energy Saving System
57 Younis Sabeeh Hadaib Al Saig EE Door Alarm Security System
58 Shahed Ali Abdullah Al Zakwani TC Medical Band System For Vitals Health Monitoring
59 Maryam Abdullah Khalifa Al Maqimi TC Oman Smart Traffic Jams Board Controller System
60 Sauod Matar Masoud Al Hamsaidi EE Accident prevention system using jammer and alcohol detector.
61 Aws Khamis Salim Al Mashrafi TC Student Attendance monitoring system using QR code
62 Budoor Salah Mahdi Al Taan TC Vehicle Registration Checking System
63 Saud Abdul Mohsin Saleh Al Raidan TC Wrist Band Locater by GPS Using GSM
64 Salim Ahmed Faraj Al Tajar Al Shahri COE Smart Card Based on Radio Frequency Identification for Hotels Environment
65 Sabah Salim Ali Al Badi COE Android based mobile online attendance system
66 Maryam Salim Rajab Ba Omar EPE Design & Testing of low cost solar inverter
67 Khamis Salim Hamdan Al Makhmari EPE DTMF based DC motor speed control

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