Career Opportunities

Electronics & Communications Engineering

Career Opportunities:
Graduates of this program have opportunities avail able in various private and government sectors, such as petroleum development companies, oil and gas companies, hospitals, defense, and aviation. Career options are also available in areas such as microcontroller applications, analogue and digital system design, signal processing, and system modelling. Read more...

BEng Computer Engineering

Career Opportunities:
Computer engineering graduates find employment in various fields including IT related organisations, banks, petroleum deployment companies, telecommunication companies, defense, aviation, major oil and gas companies and hospitals. There is a high demand for computer engineering graduates in different ministries and government institutions, private companies and other multinational contracting and consulting organisations. Graduates of this program have a wide choice of career options in computer engineering including the fields of computer programming, software development, hardware engineering, database administration, web development, network management and administration.. Read more...

BEng Electrical Power Engineering

Career Opportunities:
Placements are available in various private and government sectors in the fields of electrical power generation, distribution, oil and gas, defense and aviation. There is a strong demand for electrical power engineers in different ministries, private companies and other multinational contracting and consulting organisations. The program offers a number of possible career options in electrical power generation, distribution, energy management and utilisation. Attractive career opportunities also exist in development, design and production in industry. Read more...

BSc IT Management for Business

Career Opportunities:
IT Mangers, IT Auditors, Project Managers, Web Designers, Business Managers, IT Technician, Finance Managers, Programmers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs etc. Read more...

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