Laboratory Facilities

Well-equipped laboratory facilities are available to satisfy the requirements of the practical classes as prescribed for the modules. The various laboratory facilities mentioned below facilitate the students to acquire sound knowledge of theoretical and practical skills & engineering concepts.

Communication Engineering Lab: This laboratory is used for organizing various experiments needed for core modules of Telecommunication Engineering. RF communication equipment, signal sources, output meters, AM/FM/PCM trainers, TV trainers, PABX trainers, Microwave trainers, Radar & Antenna Trainers and Fibre optic communication kits are available to undertake practical exercises to reinforce the theoretical concepts. The practical under the modules, Telecommunication Applications , Electronic Communication, Communication Lab 1 , Microwave and Radar, Optical communication , Cellular Mobile Communication and Wireless Networking, are organized in this laboratory. Microwave trainers, GSM trainers, Satellite trainers, TV trainers and very high end DSOs and Spectrum analyzers are some of the equipment available in this Lab.

Power Engineering Lab: Power Engineering Lab mainly caters the hands on needs of Electrical Power Engineering students. Students undergoing UG studies will have their Lab experiments for Level – 2, Level -3, Level-4 modules. They get familiarized with different types of AC and DC motors, Transformers, Alternators etc. The experiments carried on are Load test, Speed control, Torque-speed Characteristics, Open circuit and short circuit characteristics etc.

Power System & HV Lab: This lab is a specialized lab which mainly focuses on the modules Power system technology and High Voltage. Power system simulator is the main attraction of this lab where which the students can simulate the real time analysis. This equipment reproduces two high voltage transmission lines with the possibility of varying the parameters. It enables to learn and test the characteristics and management of high voltage distribution networks, with small scale components.

Power Electronics & Instrumentation Lab: This lab is equipped with Power electronics and Instrumentation equipment’s. Students undergoing level – 3 modules have their core lab module in this lab


Basic Electronics Lab: is equipped with various equipment, electronic devices and components to meet the practical requirements of modules namely Electro-mechanical workshops ,Circuit Theory and analysis ,Electronic Devices and Electronic Devices Lab. The students using this lab will be focused on the basic principles of Electronics

Digital Electronics Lab: This laboratory is equipped with various equipment, test probes, software packages like PSpice, ORCAD and FPGA trainers to demonstrate, design and develop combinational and sequential logic circuits.. This laboratory is equipped as per the practical work prescribed in the module Digital Electronics, Electronic Engineering and Applied Electronics.

Analogue Electronics Lab: This laboratory is equipped with various equipment, devices and components to meet the practical requirements of modules namely Analogue Electronics and Electronic Engineering and Applied Electronics.

Microprocessors & Hardware Lab: This laboratory is equipped with Intel and Motorola Microprocessors/microcontroller development kits, Integrated Development Environment software packages for program development, Logic and signature analyzers for signal tracking and trouble shooting, programming devices for PIC/Microcontroller and EPROM for embedded system development , MATLAB/Simulink software tool is installed in all Personal computer systems to facilitate the students to analyse the communication modules.. The modules which need the usage of the lab for training are Microcontroller Applications , Microcontroller Lab, and Electronic Communication.

PC Lab 1 and PC lab 2: The department has various computer tools to help support the delivery of the programme. For example, OPNET modeler, OPNET IT Guru Academic edition simulation software tools are installed for the modules Wireless Networking and Simulation of Multimedia Networks and Technical project. Other software packages include MATLAB, Orcad etc which caters the student of Computer and E & CoE students need.

Multimedia Lab: Multimedia Lab mainly focuses on the multimedia based software. The software used in MM Lab is MS Visual Studio, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premier, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Microsoft Front Page, MATLAB etc

Networking and Hardware Lab: This lab is used by all levels of computer students to study the practical aspect of Networking and Computer Hardware.

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