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Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering

Mr Ali Abdullah Hamed Al Mahruqi
Head - Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering

The region in general and Oman in particular has witnessed tremendous growth in these areas in the recent past. Developments in Computing, Communication, Electrical Power and IT have dramatically changed the way people live and do business. Oman is always in front in adopting new technologies. The Vision 2020 of the Govt. of Oman has clear focus on non-oil based small scale industries which will attract more investment in Electronic, Instrumentation, Computing, Telecom, IT and Energy sectors in near future.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at College of Engineering was established in the year 1996 to offer programs that contribute to the vision of Oman with regard to provision of highly qualified Electrical, Electronic, Telecom and Computer engineers. The Department has grown over the last twenty years to have more than 650 students and 33 highly qualified staff members.

All programmes offered by the Department are contemporary and highly job- oriented and cater to the needs of local and international students who wish to pursue a career in the challenging areas of Computer Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation, Telecommunications Engineering and Electrical Power Engineering.

A team of trained and competent staff ensure technology oriented student centered learning environment. Laboratory facilities are constantly updated to cater for the rapid changes in the technologies related to the core programmes offered. Strong industry linkage and invited speeches by industrial experts are regular features of our course delivery there by giving students a strong industry orientation relevant to their field of study.

All BSc programmes are accredited by the IET, UK and BEng programmes are due for IET accreditation after the graduation of the first batch of students.

I welcome you to the Department and I invite you to visit the webpages of the various activities and facilities of the Department.

Mr Ali Abdullah Hamed Al Mahruqi
Head of the Department
Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering
email: alialmahruqi@nu.edu.om

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