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College of Engineering
National University of Science and Technology Student Life

National University have so much to offer

Success isn’t just something we talk about. It’s something we believe in, and we offer resources and groups and clubs for every student at National University, so you can achieve exactly what you set out to do. Student Support Services provide the following services … Housing & Residence Life, Academic Support Counselling, Student Appeals, Social, Cultural Activities, Student Clubs & Societies, Student Advisory Council Interactions, Recreational Activities, Clubs Activities, Charity Fairs, Sports Activities, and Competitions.

Arts & Culture

Exhibitions are held regularly with students displaying their skills in art & handicrafts


National events are also celebrated with the college organising many events to coincide with national celebrations

Careers Fair & Campus Interview

Our annual Careers Fair brings a number of employers to the College and allows the students to discuss career opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore job possibilities in the market and also enables employers to arrange campus interviews to recruit qualified students from the College.

Many more...