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8 Student Project Proposals are approved by The Research Council under FURAP Scheme

College of Engineering, National University
8 Student Project Proposals are approved by The Research Council under FURAP Scheme
AY 2018-19
No Project Title
1 Intelligent Fish Farming System for Sustainable Aquaculture in Small and Medium Fisheries in the Sultanate of Oman
2 Sensory based Quality Assessment of locally obtained fish using Knowledge based Image Processing Technique
3 Mechatronics System: Application of Image Processing Empowered Robots in Warehouse Automation Systems
4 Renewable Energy Production From Seawater, Squid Bones and Industrial Aluminium Scraps
5 Optimization Studies of Protein Extraction from Spirulina Platensis.
6 Comparative Study of Carbon-dioxide Absorption between Polyethylenimine (PEI)  mixed with paint and raw Polyethylenimine.
7 Intelligent Education System for Autistic Children using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning
8 Development of Heuristic Algorithm based Tool to Extract and Evaluate Tumor Section from Brain MRI


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