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College of Engineering

The National University of Science & Technology, the rising star among private Universities in Oman, is set to admit the first cohort of students in September 2018. The Ministry of Higher Education has accorded permission to establish the University by combining three professional colleges in Oman renowned for excellence in Education & Research. The Colleges are:

Firstly, the promoters of National University of Science & Technology wish to thank the Ministry of Higher Education and the Education Council for having accepted their proposal to establish a new University, a realization of their long cherished dream goal.

The launching of the new University is a significant milestone in the manifestation of social commitment of Sheik Salim Al Fannah Al Araimi, Dr. P. Mohamed Ali, and the family of late Mohamed Rasheed Al Fannah Al Araimi, who have founded the three Colleges, all of them high cost and challenging ventures. However, they all held a nationalistic view, were committed to participate in the Renaissance of the Sultanate of Oman, were driven by social values and were willing to accept risks and challenges.  It was these persona that encouraged them to immediately respond to the call from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in the year 1996, ushering a new era in Oman's higher education setting on inviting private initiatives into the higher education sector.

The Caledonian College of Engineering, the first private engineering college in Oman was established in 1996 in academic partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, a reputed institution in Scotland. Caledonian College of Engineering is the only engineering college in Oman to have received accreditation from Oman Academic Accreditation Agency (OAAA). The College, spread across two campuses in Al Hail and Airport Heights, has over 3000 students on its rolls and has graduated over 6000 undergraduates and diplomates as well as 200 post graduate students.

Oman Medical College, the only one private medical college in Oman was established in 2001 in academic partnership with the West Virginia University in the United States. Later in 2003, the same promoters established Oman Pharmacy College, the first Pharmacy College in Oman.

Oman Medical College functions at two campuses, Sohar and Bowshar. 1273 students are currently enrolled for medicine and pharmacy programs. Until now, 654 medical doctors and 515 pharmacists have graduated from the Oman Medical College. Most graduates are working in the Oman's healthcare sector while the rest are either doing their post graduate studies or have left for their home countries.

Caledonian College of Engineering and Oman Medical College have the proud distinction of attracting international students from 33 different nations

The promoters of National University of Science & Technology envision the University to become internationally recognized and renowned for its excellence in education & research, driven by social values. The University will endeavor to carry its mission of transforming students into global citizens with quest for knowledge and its application for the betterment of society. The promoters firmly believe that the National University is destined to reach new vistas of excellence in science & technology and that it will remain to be seen as an icon of higher education and research in the Sultanate of Oman.

Sheikh Salim Al Fannah Al Araimi is the Chairman of Board of Directors of National University. The governance of the University is vested with the University Executive Board chaired by Dr. P. Mohamed Ali. A Board of Trustees which is the supreme executive advisory body of the University is constituted in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education. The Board of Trustees has membership of eminent persons of international repute from the domains of medicine, engineering, and education. Nominees of the Ministry of Higher Education and the international partner Universities are also members of the Board of Trustees. The Headquarters of National University is located in Bowshar, Muscat.

The National University has strong academic links with reputed universities in the United Kingdom and the United States; the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, UK; the University of South Carolina and the West Virginia University in USA. A high level National University team recently visited Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley and the Silicon Valley in United States to identify new opportunities, to forge relationships with renowned universities and companies and to start new academic programs relevant to Oman's economy and its emerging social needs:

To be an internationally recognised University renowned for its excellence in education and research, driven by social values
Transform students into global citizens with a quest for knowledge and its application, for the betterment of society
To be a university of international repute, highly preferred by students, faculty and employers
  • Individual Identity
  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Translation of Knowledge into Entrepreneurial Endeavour
  • Commitment to Honesty and Ethics
  • Gender Equality
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Social Responsibility
Facts Sheet
National University builds upon 22 years of experience & Leadership in Higher Education sector in Oman of Caledonian College & Oman Medical College
  • 3 Colleges (Engineering, Medicine & Health sciences & Pharmacy)
  • 3 International Affiliates from USA & UK
  • 7500 Alumni already contributing to Oman’s development
  • 4000+ Students from 33 Nationalities
    600 Staff from 30 Nationalities
  • 3 Million USD Research completed
    400 publications and 200 conferences

“National University - Building Intellectual Capital for Oman”
5 Campuses spread across Oman:
  • Bowshar Campus
    Univ Head Quarters & College of Pharmacy
  • Airport Heights Campus
    Univ School of Foundation
  • Al Hail Caledonian Campus 
    College of Engineering
    Centre for Research, Innovation & Design
  • Sohar Campus
    Univ College of Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Rustaq study Centre
17 programs across 5 campuses:
  • Doctor of medicine
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • 8 Bachelor of Engg with 16 specializations
  • 4 Masters with 4 specialization

Other Information
  • 164,000 m2 Land and 100,000 m2 built-up area
  • OAAA Accredited College of Engineering in Oman
  • Professional body IET UK and CIOB UK Accredited Engineering Program
National University of Science & Technology

One Shared Vision
One Collective Mission
One Exciting & Promising Future
A University Born to Lead and Transform Societies